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[Movie Review] Tales from The DARK ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
It is Friday's night ! What to do ?' Bored huh ?' I'm gonna give you an adrenaline stimulation in this post ! I'm doing the TALES FROM THE DARK PART 1 movie's review which i watched it yesterday !!! Excited boh ?' Let's get started !!! 

Tell you something ... 
If you are those who intended to bring girl(s) to horror movie(s) and trying to molest or maybe cuddle with them then it definitely doesn't work out on me ! Why ?' Because i enjoy horror movie even 'craving' for horror movie(s) !!! LOL ~ Yea ... I'm a psycho !!! Blek :P I used to have horror movies marathon on internet for the whole day when i have my day off from work ! I even choose from them because some of them just happened to be a horror-story-wanna-be-but-failed ... 

Okay ... 
I know this is still new in the cinema which just showed yesterday but i'm telling the plots here; But i don't think i'm vivid enough so you might still need to make a visit to the cinema for the REAL adrenaline's drive ! So ... There is 3 short separate stories inside this 2 hours movie ... It is like ghost-story-telling-marathon ! Ready ?' Or not ?' I will take that as yes !!! HAHAHAHA 

Scary or not, the poster ?' I got goose bumps already ! You ?' LOL

Let's start from the Story-1, i will tell roughly lar ... Cannot be telling everything then how if everyone read this and nobody go for the movie ?' Then no Part 2 for me neh ! HAHAHAHA ~ 
The first story is telling a poor (no money kind of poor) man who work hard to make a living for his rental and foods ! But he always got fired due to his luck, i think; because not that he is not working hard or what ... He insisted not to apply for incentive from government ! So due to his luck he has to ended up stealing tombs (those with ashes inside a jar one) and leave a threatening message for their family to pay for the ashes he've stolen ... For sure some don't want to pay because they think it is a troublesome to make a visit to the grave so the ashes being stolen actually save their ass from making trips !!! WTF right ?' There is KARMA, no worry ~ He received a call that actually willing to get back the ashes so he went there and they made transaction but something happened ... And he found out that those money received is actually for dead peoples one so he raged/scare and wanted to burn it all out but happened to get himself killed ! Now he don't have to worry monies anymore ...  

I don't really get what is it trying to tell actually ... But i have to admitted that the actor who play the poor man role do amazed me by his acting skill ! I'm not gonna tell who is he ~ *NANANABUBU* You really can't miss it but i think next time better with a more interesting story ~ 

The second story is telling ... 
Men's behaviors !!! A swim coach from XXX high school who actually attached conducted adultery with one of her student and the girl actually thought they are in real love but it turned out to be another way so she suicide and come back for a revenge on his wife's baby (pregnancy) ! There is two consultant from 'special' field get into this and try to resolve it so there is some funny part as well lar ~ And yeap ... At the end, the "LOVE" in the girl (ghost)'s hand is festered and disappeared which made herself let go of this cheated relationship ! 

Comment :-
This part is more like a comedy actually ~ But still there is a lesson for all of us ! Don't trust men because they always tend to 'use' dick to act ~ Don't cheated if you want your loves one to be safe ! What goes around comes around ! Behave yourself ~ 
TADA ~ One of the actor !!!

The third story is telling ... 
It is actually about hatred ! There is a culture that they believed if you hate someone or wanna get rid of someone, you can actually give their birth's details and hit it with shoe *which i don't know is that real shoe those we are wearing or only a certain religion shoe* ~ Or without knowing the names and birth's details ... There is always the Last Customer so the "Last Customer" of the stall 'triggered' this ! The "Last Customer" is a she and she is being raped and dead so she have so much hatred toward the rapers and the one who didn't help so she do the hitting and with 'her own shoe' she killed ...

Comment :-
It might trying to tell there is KARMA but it actually a little misleading peoples that the hitting actually do the job of getting rid of those people you hate ! *I'm not saying that this hitting is a bluff* What i trying to say is ... BEHAVE YOURSELF !

I hope there will be fourth, fifth and so on ... >...< 
I just can't get enough of these horror movie ! But one weird thing, they symbolized ghost in the movie by having a real white face ~ Like painted with white paint ! *LOL* Overall, it is not a really horror movie but still adrenaline stimulated ! You know ~ Inside the cinema actually freezing but once the movie started to rolls, i actually 'forget' about how cold it is and just keep concentrating on the screens man ! I guess i just love horror(S) ~ LOL 

Have a great weekend yea ~ 

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