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My Beauty Diary Eye Mask Launching Event at Farenheit, Ground Floor ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
I think this will be a girls' thing post but guys you can check the picca(s) out !

I bet a lots of people included boys heard of My Beauty Diary (我的美丽日记) before right ?' 
It is actually my current favorite face mask's brand ! I have been using My Beauty Diary's face mask since last year *if i didn't mistaken* and still using which i just did yesterday after removing my makeup ! I tried hyaluronic acid one for hydration and my current one is bird nest ! I always purchase one box and there is 10 pieces inside ~ 

I'm so in love with the bird nest face mask from My Beauty Diary ... 
The result is instant one and it actually maintained for like 2 or 3 days ~ 

Anyways, this post is gonna be about their eye mask ! They launched eye mask ~ When King of Mask launching eye mask, you have to try ! *LOL* So they held the launching event at Farenheit, ground floor which is quite public as everyone come in from the entrance and everyone see us - bloggers hanging around ... LOL ! 

Let's check it out ... 
 This girl is so pretty ! When 3 of the poster together is like pretty, pretty and pretty !!!
Photobomb :-
#YuhJiun09 [instagram]
Get back to the event ...

They released three different type of eye mask !
Different in 'function' and shape ! Let's see what are those ~

Puffiness Intensive Care Eye Mask 
My Beauty Dairy Puffiness Intensive Eye Mask enriched with Vitamin B5 & P to soothe the skin surrounding eye area and reduce its puffiness.
This magical refreshing and invigorating eye masks are shaped like elegant butterflies that hug your eye contours to relieve fatigue and discomfort. Tips: Store eye mask in refrigerator for a cool and soothing effect before use. Apply with the eyes closed for an incredible relaxing feel !
Suitable Skin Type 
Puffy eyes, fatigue and tightness around the eye area
Soothe and treat the fatigue and discomfort around the eye area

Dark Circles Intensive Care Eye Mask
My Beauty Diary Dark Circles Intensive Eye Mask enriched with Vitamin C & B3 to brighten the dark circle and provide moisture to the skin surrounding the eye area. 
This magical invigorating and brightening eye masks are shaped like cute little fishes that hugs your eye contours to remove dullness and relieve fatigue. Tips: First secure the cloth eye mask at the outer corner of the eyes then adjust to cover the upper and lower eye area.
Suitable Skin Type
Obvious fatigue and dark circles around the eye area. 
Eliminate dark circles and evenly brighten the eye contours

Smoothness Intensive Care Eye Mask
My Beauty Diary Smoothness Intense Eye Mask enriched with Vitamin A & B5 to nourishes & reduce the appearance of fine lines surrounding the eye area.
This magical moisturizing and refining eye masks are shaped like lovely flower petals that hug the under area and the outer corner of your eye, perfectly nourishing and toning dry fine lines. Tips: Gently lift the outer corner of the eye with the elastic cloth masks for a lifting effect. 
Suitable Skin Type
Obvious dry, fine lines around the eye area
Reduce dryness and fine lines and smoothen eye contours

After cleansing and toning, first secure the eye mask at the outer corner of the eye, Then gently apply towards the inner corner of the eye. Remove after 10-15 mins and gently massages the essence into skin with fingertips until it is fully absorbed. No rinsing is necessary. Follow the regular eye care routine to seal in the nourishment. Use 2-3 times a week. *Applied for 3 type of eye mask*

#SuperTannedHere =...=

Except for eye mask, there is also various of face mask ... 
#Promotion #FreeGift(s)
Q&A Session :-
#ComplimentaryGift of Q&A Session 
I didn't join at all even though i know one of the answer out of around 10 question gua ~ Because i wanna to be as elegant as possible ! I scare i might shout too loud til earthquake arr ... *LOL* I want ! I want ! I want ! 

YERRRR ... What is this person doing here ! #KeepScrolling

Tea Break ...
*my favorite part* :P

Photobomb/Picca(s) time ...
 #FakeHairLady #LOL #thechency [instagram]
 #nicolesnaps [instagram]
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 #bendan_km [instagram]
#angelineng92 [instagram]
 Thank you My Beauty Diary for the goodies - eye mask ... 
with 2-steps mask !!! Appreciated ~

Last Last Last ... 
Trust me lar not my photo anymore ! It is about you already !!! Do you want an iPad mini mou ?' Or maybe you also a fans of My Beauty Diary then do you wanna get 1-months eye mask supply mou ?' Have to be YES ! HAHA Then now you can win yourself ! Mai Zou Kai ~ 

Belly belly easy ! Listen to me , Listen Listen Listen ... *LOL*
Just snap a photo of yourself (selca or ask people to take also can) with My Beauty Diary eye mask (advised to be in the most creative way), submit your full name, ic no., email address, and home address to My Beauty Diary Malaysia Facebook message inbox. *Copied*
Check out their FaceBook's page for more info :-

Hurry up lur ~ One more please ! HAHAHA 
The person below the #MiniMiniMask's picture is #nicolesnaps and she is trying to be in the most creative way on posting herself with the eye mask ! Tell you something ~ I joined but not the picture below ! Remember to vote for me, please if i'm shortlisted ! Thankiew belly muchie :P

Okay lar ~ 
Bubai ! Wait huh ~ 

My Beauty Diary eye mask available in SASA & Guardian at RM29-90 come in 5 pieces ~ 
*you might go now*
Visit their Farenheit's booth today ! 
Will review on the eye masks, no worry ! Just STAY TUNED yea ! 

Have a nice day ... ❤

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