Friday, July 19, 2013

[REVIEW] YADAH Brightening Mask Pack ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Happiii Friday !!! TGIF ~ 
I have been taking junkies foods on earlier of this weekend and now regret til maxxxxx ! Aww >...< My skin looked so damn dull so i think i need to put on mask for my weekend ! But i wanted to save my favorite masks for after makeup so luckily i still have with me that the YADAH's goodies box i've gotten from their YADAH's birthday bash ! So decided to try their mask pack out as it is a brightening mask ... What i need is brightening rather than whitening ! 

What is the differences between whitening and brightening ?' Google it ! 
Overall, brightening is something like glow in your skin but whitening is about lighten your skin tone/shade ... 

YADAH Brightening Mask 
This natural fabric drenches the skin with a fusion of organic Opuntia Ficus, vitamins, mineral and organic acids, while working to revitalize, comfort and provide better skin clarity. It immediately replenishes dehydrated skin, leaving it soft, noticeably clearer and brighter. Suitable for all (BOYS & GIRLS).

So let's see how it work on my skin ... 
Have to declare something here ! Due to my skin condition, i have to edited away those disgusting zits and blemishes but i didn't altered the skin tone and all these before-and-after photos are used same degree of filter ! So you still can compare and if you really that strict on it then my forehead and nose are clear ! And i took the before-and-after photos in the exact same spot in my room, no inch of different ... HAHA Let's start ...

Before :-
*the first photo of this blog is a before*

During ... 
*slap on the eye lid*
After :-
Okay ... 
Now you tell me how it worked ! Does it do it's job well enough ?' Be really aware that i used same degree of filter for before-and-after photos ! So tell me lar ... bye

I really hope i can go but can i ?' I might not the only one who doing the review of this mask but once you are here then you are looking for another testimony about this mask right ?' So i will get my job done geh ! This is the so-called REVIEW

Let's start with their ...
Compare with the masks i have used before, i find this mask quite thick though in respect of the serum and also the mask itself ... When i first took the mask out from it's pack, i actually doubt is this mask expired and the serum actually oxidized and become this - something like raw aleo vera's gel but thick one and no i checked the date ! It is not expired ! It expired only on 2014/2015 ... *i can't really remember but it is not expired lar* When i put it on my face, i didn't feel the thickness and also the coolness i used to feel with my other tried-out-masks ... Anyways ! It doesn't really matter whether it thick like a tree or thin like an onion cuticle as long as it work well ~ Am i right ?!!! HEHE

Hmm ... There is no pungent or any fragrances-kind-of-smell that let me ever remember that ! HAHA

Let's the photos tell ... LOL #JOKE 
I have to admitted that it does it's job pretty well ! But somehow i hope that with just the mask, my disgusting zits and blemishes will just disappear ! LOL ~ WHAT A DREAMER/IMAGINE-ER ! Not bad ~ 

SORRY ~ No idea about that ! 

Yup ! 
Can give it a try as everyone need glow(s) on their face ! 

Okay ... 
That's all for today ! Need to sleep already if not skin go back to dull then what is the purpose of putting on mask(s) right ?' Sleep earlier yea, pretties ! Stop clubbing ~ HAHA

 Have A Nice Day ... 

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