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Underdogs Music Festival at Paradox Art Cafe by IACT College ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

I went to Underdogs Music Festival on Saturday night (06/07) with my sis which i took the media entrance pass (free entry) and i promised to share her entry fee with her because it is a charity right ?' Or else she won't be there and i also can't make it there to help up for blogging about the music festival ! 

Underdogs is actually a name ... 
LOL ~ I bet everyone knew that !!! *Pardon me for my bad humor* 
Underdogs is a community from IACT College and they organized this Music Festival to raise funds to help those children with disability in teaching aids ! They are improving and trying to make those children's life better and better ! So I'm here helping them to do a blog post because this is what i do and what i can do for them, children and this charity drive ! Sorry that i have no much information >...< 

So they held this charity drive in a cafe - Paradox Art Cafe, Petaling Jaya which i find it quite unique because it is more like a gathering ?' The cafe is located upstairs and they don't really create some attention to public as i don't see any sign board or adv on the way to the cafe even at the staircase (which lead to the cafe) area ! Hmm ... *Thinking* Anyways, they still managed to get some peoples there ! *I think is from their college that's why* I have a little suggestion here ! If you are raising funds like seriously then you should create/draw public attentions to your charity drive not only in your college and maybe look for a venue or a ground-attached cafe ! 

Let's get started ~ 
*Sorry ~ I always tend to talk so much*

Before performances started :
#SpaghettiArrabiata #RM16

Performance started :-
I decided to only show a few performers which i find it not bad one ... I took pictures of every of them but i'm thinking that i'm not blogging about just music festival right ?' I'm blogging about charity ! *LOL* And sorry i really can't remember their (band) names ! It doesn't mean only those i show picture did a great job; every one who at the stage did a great job because they really entertained me *you can see this because i stay til the end*  and i also missed the early part ! 

While performances going-on on the stage, i saw things and i have comments on it ... 
*Sorry if you find it offended but ...*
I saw a lots of them including girls and boys who belly young are smoking and smoke non-stop man ! Is this supposed to happened ?' Even on the stage ! I'm not so sure whether all the performers are from IACT College or not but i can see that most of the audience is from the college ... What is the point of raising funds to help those disabilities while making yourself becoming one of them ?' Cigarettes caused tons of disease and disability children !!! Stress is never a valid reason for smoking ... Everyone included me and any other non-smoker have stress and burdens but why you stress and smoke ?' but we don't ?' 

Okay ... 
Back to the charity drive ! They do auctions as well with those disability children's drawing and the highest price i heard is RM150 if i didn't mistaken ! I didn't participate because i poor like shit here >...< *SERIOUS* They also get Blackberry's sponsorship for their charity drive which made me surprise, anyways congratulation for those lucky person ! 
There is a short video showed us the objective of this charity drive but i think they should accentuate more on this because they just let the video flow and carry on with the next part of the performance already ! 

Anyways, thanks for the invitation ...
Actually when i was there, i really feel like i'm an intruder/outsider or maybe someone transparent even the photographer *i think so* of the event ignore me and my sis, wtf ! So i have some declaration here to make ! Please make sure you are doing charity drive and not a 'gathering' before you send invitation to media to blog about your charity drive and please make sure it is for public ! Thanks ... 

Lastly end this post with picca(s) ... 

I'm not trying to be 'difficult' here but i really ... 

Anyways, if any public charity drive or charity events need media in blogging field, you can contact me via email i'm willing to help ! 

Before i end this post, there is one more charity drive coming which actually is an art sale event but those arts are from children so if you are interested, check out the picture below and help share it out and support yea !!! Thanks for your kindness ... xoxo

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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