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Wind Chimes in A Bakery by Samsung s4 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Don't you just proud to be a Samsung user if you are one ?' I AM ! Samsung is like so diligent in expanding their market and even in designing, so damn smart ! Am i right ?' S Beam ! S Pen ! Air View ! ETC. 

The latest Samsung smartphone gadget is Samsung Galaxy S4 right ?' So they collaborated with a great Korean Director, Jang Jae Hyuk but with Malaysian actors to carry out Korean-like-Malaysia-Production-Drama ! Don't you feel excited ?' Korean-feel drama but Malaysia production ! Crying and touching scenes ! It will be showing on TV starting form 20th of July on every Saturday ! No worry if you don't have TV *who knows* you can still caught them at SAMSUNG MALAYSIA channel on YouTube

I'm wasn't really late on that day, i prefer i'm just right on time ! HAHAHAHA 
It stated 11 a.m. that the press conference will be start but i arrived at 11:15 a.m. , i think but i still needa sit and wait for the press conference to start but it start like 10 mins later so i guess i just right on time right ?' Blek :P BUT, unlucky things happened ! I went in to the restaurant with the 'back' (wrong) door and i didn't register myself ! So i didn't get the event's schedule so sorry that i don't really have the information(s) and the person who giving speech (names) >...< How on earth i can forget to register after attended so many event !!! Aww >...< 

Let's get back to the press conference ...
It held in the Bangsar Shopping Centre, ben's ~
So this new Korean-feel-Malaysia-Production-Drama named Wind Chime in a Bakery ! Collaborated with Samsung S4 ~ The drama is about bakery ! Oh my ~ Start imagine, what can be happened when couple are making flour ?' LOL ! Love story started with bakery ... I really hope i have the synopsis of the drama ! Aww >...< Sorry and pardon me for forgot to register myself ! Anyways, i love the setups ~
Let's me introduce you the Director of the drama, JANG JAE HYUK ... 
I actually have no idea what is Director's job but well i think being something like a team leader and take all the responsibilities to produce what he/audience desired ... He is the Wonder Girls "NOBODY" Music Video's director neh ! He directed a lots of Music Video and also commercial, which you can go through the video above ~ In a Q&A session, he actually said he wanted to step into directing drama(s) so Wind Chime in A Bakery is actually the starting point of it ... I think he will definitely be fine in the drama field because i watched the trailer and it is just amazing ... You know ! Touching ~ Having a goose bumps ! Feel like crying already even it is just a trailer ! wtf. *I don't really know how to pronounce the director's name*

ben's provided us buffet/lunch with cakes ! damn ~ I miss those cake already ! 
Someone can tell after i putting down my plate that i'm a vegetarian ! DAMN SMART huh ?' *applause please* I bet they thought i really have a small appetite because i always took little foods ! YOU ARE WRONG ! Sometime i wanted to eat 'a farm of cows' even though i just finished my meal ... I eat tons ! LOL ~ I keep refilling the cake though :P 

Picca's time ... 
 Damn pretty #KoeYeet #dimples *LOL*
Handsome #billjeanz [instagram] Pretty #koeyeet #me 


Sorry that i can't attached the trailer here ! damn. Above is the link ! The main roles of the drama is by KoeYeet [being Sue in the drama] and Nabil Mahir [being Adam] ... I heard KoeYeet said this is the first time Nabil Mahir acted and i can't believe it ! Go watch trailer then you will know why i said so ! He cry like a pro right ?' The knee down part is just so 'beautiful' ~ Anyways, the MC briefed about the synopsis so i try to remember as much as i can ! You know lar ~ I'm 20 but in some way i'm aged and malfunctioned especially my brain in memorizing damn. 

Adam is from a poor family and he decided to move to city which will make him able to pursue his dream in bakery ~ One day, he met Sue who from a rich family in a bazaar sales who selling red bean bun. That's all i can remember ! Sorry but i think this is enough for you to go on your own imagination until 20th of July right ?' Aww >...< SORRY ! 

Talking about RED BEAN BUN, they actually entitled us - who attended the press conference one RED BEAN BUN but i/we didn't 'redeem' it earlier so it actually ran out when i'm going and they only give me the wind chime which when you registered they actually already give you one and they also indirectly blame me for not register myself ! wtf. I'm so so so unhappy about this especially people got foods but i don't have ! LOL ~ Joking ! But seriously you have to prepare enough or maybe extra so that everyone can get one especially it is just a RED BEAN BUN but it is important to my/our blog post and my stomach ! Aww >...< 

Anyways still happy that i went to this press conference ... 
Thanks Samsung and Manoah Consultancy

purple color is link

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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