Friday, August 23, 2013

CN Blue Blue Moon World Tour's Press Conference at Grand Hyatt Hotel ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

You're not gonna believe what i'm gonna blog about (now) ... 
You can see that i'm so damn happy and excited (can you see ?' haha) by the picca above. Guess what ?!!! I'm invited to CN Blue's press conference which held on this afternoon at Grand Hyatt Hotel ~ Serious ?' I never know that blogging will actually bring me near stars especially famous K-pop stars like CN Blue ... (i hope there is a bakery workshop with them, hahah) 
Trying to fit in the stage as my background but failed ... 

There is fans meeting before the press conference and i hope i can join both simply because i'm also a fans of them?! Obviously ... haha But no, we didn't get to join both so we ended up waiting at the media room for them to step in ! While waiting for them, i/we met someone really rude (taking media pass) asked us not to block her view ?! We are all so damn excited so we might getting a little high and not to notice we actually blocking those people at our back's views but ... MISS, can you be polite even a little ?' Who do you think you are ?' VIP ?! NO ~ i don't think so because i can see you and you are obviously not rocking in ! You looked like someone just get dumped actually ... (Sorry to say that but it's truth) And i heard she is from YG Entertainments ! Hmm... YG, maybe you need to do something to your employee because she is seriously spoiling all of the moods ! Thanks.

So back to the main point ... 
We waited in the room for quite some time and heard that they got delayed at the fans meeting there so even i'm keep 'complaining' but it is just worth it ! They are the stars and we all forgiving them for being late, right ?' (haha) But i wasn't think this way until they really step in and GOSH ... They are hot like what and what ! Now i know why fans got fainted when they see their idols ! For your secret information, they looked at our direction for a few times (i'm not sure whether they are checking out the beautiful girl behind me or what, haha) THEY ARE DAMN HOT !!!! (Can't get over it) 

MC of the day ... 

CN BLUE ... 
Omg ~ I hope the moment stop there and i can stay there and stare at them like forever (do more eye contact) or maybe i can kinda molest them if they don't mind, haha ... So each of them get a question from the MC and i really wanna know who come out with those question, hahahaha (because it is a little dumb ?!) Anyways, it was fun though but i hope they can speak English because even though they did answered our question (and translated by translator) but i don't feel like connected ! Maybe the translator altered their sentences or maybe she is shy to carry out the jokes they're telling ?' But i can see Yong-Hwa knows English, great ... XD

Jung Yong-Hwa 
SO HOT !!!!

Lee Jong-Hyun 

Lee Jung Shin 
He look hotter with longer hair though BUT STILL LOOKING GREAT !!!

Kang Min-Hyuk 
He look more mature in person ... 

The mic pass around for us to ask questions about their BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR's concerts and they only managed to do few because they are rushing to their next schedule already !!! Aww >...< NOT FAIR !!! I really hope i was in their fans meeting there so that we get to see them longer and i wondering do fans get hand shake or photo sessions with them ?' IF YES, i'm gonna die !!!! SO DAMN HOT man !!! I keep telling this to my sisters ... I even ask them with a serious face with all of the sudden, "Jie, do you know that ?' JIE ~" "What is that ?'" with a excited-to-know-something-new-face! "CN Blue is super duper damn HOT !" and then they showed me literally this --> "=.=" emoticon expression , hahah .... Truth what ?!

It is a really short session for us to meet them but we are lucky enough though, am i right ?' hehe 

Before entered to the media room :-
 (in fans meeting room which is so much bigger)

Foods :-

After the press conference :- 
 My camera failed at low light and this is the most successful one, wahahhaa ...

From Samsung :-
Thanks Samsung for the awesome-pass-ever ... xoxo
Gonna rock CN Blue Blue Moon World Tour concert tomorrow with this tee on !!! 

Signing off to bed while Caroline still doing her nails (she wanted them to be in blue like pastel) ... :P

One more question, should i rock tomorrow night with blue eyebrow or blue lippie or maybe blue eyebrow and also blue lippie ?' Hmm ... 

Excited for their concert ... 
Secretly hope they will come into my dream and say hi to me !!!! Okay ?' 

Signing off with my selca again, wahahhaha ~
At last, thanks Don & Yukiko from Manoah Consultancy and Samsung as well as Grand Hyatt Hotel for this awesome and amazing fans-meeting and the press conference of CN Blue ! xoxoxo

CN BLUE BLUE MOON WORLD TOUR brought to you by Samsung Galaxy S4 


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