Sunday, August 18, 2013

[Entry] The Lost World in Tambun with The Butterfly Project ... ❤

Hello guys ... :) 

*Nerd mode on* 
You know why ?' Because i don't wanna lost my chance to have fun with bloggers at Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh there ! They started to picked and announced the winners and now i'm typing frantically here before losing hope and slots of it ! Anyways, thanks for The Butterfly Project for this awesome getaway ! The Butterfly Project always the best and of course all thanks to SWAT team for working so hard to get us - bloggers have the chance for those awesome getaway/party/events and etc. xoxo

So in order for me to go and for me to show you guys how awesome they are, i needa submit my entry on "WHY YOU WANT TO GO THE LOST WORLD OF TAMBUN WITH THE BUTTERFLY PROJECT ?" So here we go ... *let me brainstorm about it first* 

First one, 
i know this one might sound pathetic to you but i wanted to mention it and maybe they will send me a "sympathetic card" for it (mean let me win, lol) ! So what is it ?' Hmm ... It is that i been through a lot recently and i needa a break especially a getaway where you don't have to worry about about acquaintances ! What about it ?' Because sometimes even when you decided to watch an awesome movie alone just by yourself to relax and let yourself indulge inside the movie and "RING ~" your phone rang and yea ... Errand, Stuff and blah blah blah ... So what i have been through ?' The worse is my bag that got nearly snatched away from me which left me trauma then i can't relax (become so tense) whenever i walk along the roadside especially when i heard of "VROOM" (i mean the sound from motorbike, hahahaha), i actually started to shiver a little until it really passed by. (Haiz... SHIT happened all the time ! Nothing can be done though) AND why with The Butterfly Project ?' Because so far bloggers from The Butterfly Project are the friendliest (sometimes can be crazy or even fun at special occasion) one i ever met so basically you can be rude to them (LOL ! Obviously it is a joke ! ). What i mean is they will take care of you and you don't have to be worry about them being narrow-minded (the most horrible person you don't wanna meet especially when you trying to relax)
Can you resist this such a relaxing pool ?' 

Second one, 
I wanna go theme park like a kid ! I haven't been to theme park for ages because i get bored with the only theme park we have (Genting Highland one, :P) and they got 5 theme park in the Lost World of Tambun man ! I think i will play til gila siao, whahahaha but please don't make me puke ... 
Theme Park !!! I never try this (or something like this) before for your secret information >...<

Because i wanna jump into SAPHIRA'S LAIR !!! I don't care how much water it will come off and how many children will hate me forever (but at least they have someone to remember right ?) because the pool is so nice or should i say glamorous ?' Chic ?' Pretty ?' Aww >..< I don't know ! Check it out yourself at below ! Okay lah ~ Destroying children's fun is definitely not fun, i know so maybe i will take the INFINITY POOL which can accommodate 300 peoples lah ! *grimace* I will 'play' water in my trendy sleepy pant and the most lousy tee, wahahahah ... *fyi, i can't swim :P*
#INFINITY POOL (better take this one coz deeper, hahaha) 

I have a 'crush' on animals !!! I secretly dream to plank on a tiger since i was 3. *Obviously i'm joking* Zoo is always a place i wanted to go for dating (i know it sound a little Korean ?' KOREAN ?') but don't think guys will ever wanted to go because even my family not willing to go for holidays (when we are damn free) and their reason is too smelly, i was like "Hallo ~ It is the nature smell of the zoo, we should appreciated !" (i made the sentence, hehe) Serious lah ! I really can stand there and wave at animals like forever and observe what they are like seeing me waving, haha ... Arh ~ One more thing, i actually would die to see them (tiger vs tiger/predator vs prey) fight in real life but it is just so cruel so "Can you be my pet arr, Mr. Tiger ?" 
 So cool man ! 
Lying handsomely ...

I wanna sleep now ! Wait ! Do we get to touch Mr. Tiger ?' Because i saw this. If yes i don't wanna sleep already, i will type harder with more and more idea ... Tell me YES !!!! Please ... 

Real fifth, 
I get to ride ETS Gold Coach Train ... For your secret, i never take a long-ride-train before ! I wondering how it is feel like ?' Should be damn excited for the destination we are heading to and end up chit-chatting so much that forget to take a rest or sleep til the end ?' Hmm ... I will tell you if i managed to go ok ?' The train looked like the picture below ?' I don't know, i just googled and get it ! I look comfortable though like a plane but more seats ! hehe 
#ETS Gold Coach Train 

I really can't wait to have fun with The Butterfly Project's bloggers in The Lost World of Tambun and then blog/share with you guys how fun it "was"! Pray for me ! Don't be kedekut, it won't cost you any penny ! *The Hulk's pose* If i really managed to go then i will lost so much 'virginity' to The Butterfly Project, The Lost World of Tambun and also ETS Gold Coach Train man ! (Oh ~ Now i wondering ... ) 

Tomorrow is Monday (Haizzz ....), gonna work hard so that i can have the getaways' leave ! wahahahahaha 

Have A Nice Day, eberyone ! 


Tammy Miu said...

yeah we got short list those we read already and then today going to go through again n pick! Good Luck yah Frankie

Sheila Salim said...

Heyy girl! nice entry! see you there :)