Thursday, July 25, 2013

Get Your Personalized Tee on ... ❤

Bello ~
Nice mah the picca ?' I mean the tShirt ! haha 

So far how is you guys Raya's holidays ?' Mine is like damn bored man ! Aww >..< No worry ! Something will eventually come up or maybe nothing =...= 

Let's move on to the subject of the post ... 
Do you guys wear tShirt ?' *if you say no i will tampar you* So i take everyone "Yes/No/Sometimes/Rare" as YES, okay ?' No objection ! Then let's move on ! So check out my tShirt above, don't you think it is very unique ?' PLUS me become belly picturesque already right ?' haha I bet it is not that hard to realize that the heart design is inspired by our MALAYSIA's king (fruit), durian ! I miss durian ... >..< 

My tShirt is from #iDotShirt
Have you heard about it before ?' If no then no worry ! Because you are here ... 

What is iDotShirt ?' 
It is a Malaysian online game play that allows you to personalize your very own t-shirt design. We build variant graphic themes you can choose from, let you fill in the words of your choice and print them on the tee for you. *COPIED* 

For the personalize your own design on your own tShirt will only available on September but now you can still grab those heart design and i heart MY design on their website (pre-launched) ... I actually wanted to get the i heart MY design which the heart design will be in Malaysia's flag (HOME) but it ran out when i went to the Bijou Bazaar Publika to get my tShirt because it is the last day ~ >...< Should have get it earlier ! But Durio still 'tasty' ...

Their pre-launched design feature 16 hearts design representing the essence & uniqueness of Malaysia. *COPIED*

Let's check their LookBook out ... 

Okay, my turn ! 
No lah ~ I didn't take because i got no photographer ! 
By the way, don't ever worry about the size because the tShirt come in XS or maybe XXL (if you want/need) and they will have your order packed in aluminium foil bag !!! 

That's no all for it ~
There is more upcoming ! I pretty excited with their upcoming design (onsite) which feature MOUSTACHES, EYES & CROWN ... *Wah ! Can i have them ?'*  There will be additional choices of tShirt colors and types of printing method - silk screen, velvet and etc. *COPIED* 

Last but not least, my picca ... *wahahaha* 
The tShirt is really in good quality until i personally think that it is a little thick for Malaysia's weather ... hehe 

I heart iDotShirt 

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Have a Nice Day ... ❤


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support a bit~ =)

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

Bello!!! Why u so funny one?
Miss u lahh muah~~