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[REVIEW] the POREfessional from benefit ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Have you guys (i meant ladies or maybe men - if you want) suffered from pores appearance hiccups ?'
I'm suffering it right now ! I actually see my skin condition become better than before (like no more seas of pimples) but another problem rose and it is pores (especially beside nose area to cheek) ... What's going wrong ?' Anyways, makeup is always a way to conceal the problems but when it come to pores appearance, i don't think it worked that much with just foundation/BBCream or else ...

Share with you guys my opinion and try not to figure it out who am i addressing to ... hehe
She is a pretty gal (our first met) and she kinda have those flawless skin (from a distance) but when i get to talk to her, i see her pores problem and which actually minus the perfection's mark (i know no one is perfect though) so what we can do is figure out a way to minus/reduce the pores appearance in skincare regime ! While we still figuring out what is the skincare regime that we should be/suitable for our own skin for fighting the pores appearance, here we have a savior to introduce to you when it comes to makeup !!!

What is it ... ?'
It is the POREfessional from benefit ... 
In my information, this brand's products is all about flawless skin and i wanted to try them so badly but it quite costly though (but i can't state the exact amount coz i forgot) so really thanks and appreciated VanityTrove for the sample of the POREfessional from benefit ! And for your information, the trove i received is customized which mean i choose what the samples i wanted and here is it ... *blink* 
So here is my review for the POREfessional from benefit and yea you get to see how imperfect my face is and the pores hiccups ! *grimace* FYI, i'm working on the review(s) for the other products (in my customized trove), stay tuned. 

A close shot on my face before anything but skincare regime ... 
(Don't puke on your own laptop for your own sake, :P) 
I know it looked horrible but yea who wanna be imperfect ?' 
Anyways, tell you guys something ! I always wanted to look perfect (especially on my skin, maybe not perfect but at least not the worst) when i have a real close look on my skin (like 5 cm in between my face and the mirror) and i doing this for my future husband's sake, wahahahahah ... 

So here you go the before-and-after (without base-bbcream, powder and blah blah blah...) 
Hmm ... 
Can you spot the difference between before and after ?' Take a look on my nose's pores ! I think we all will look super flawless if we apply this on naked face and without makeup (in the term and condition of you have no pimples and scars)

Here you go after applying base on it/ without it ...  
I hope you do and sorry if you can't (maybe my camera is too lousy for it, :( ) and yea what if you forgot to apply this before you base and you realize after your base ?' You can actually pat it on as well but let's see how it will look like ?' Perfectly fine ?' or ... 

Here you go ... 
Check out the side of the nose (enlarge it) ... 
I found it literally 'cakey' if you apply this after your base (i think it is even worse if you apply it after blush) or maybe (there is possibility) that my base just couldn't blend well with it and i actually can see them filling or maybe i should say stuck in my pores (when you take a real close look in the mirror), Yuck ! 

So i don't recommended to use it after the base or makeup ... 

Overall, i love this product - the POREfessional so damn much ! 

Texture : -
When you squeeze it out, it is quite a normal-like foundation but so much lighter (you can see by the color of it) and when you spread it out, it actually make me feel like powder like baby powder and it set in your skin so fast that you merely can feel anything on your skin (like where is it go or maybe i should bring the word 'disappeared') and you skin feel literally smoother (when you caress em). This is why i love it ~ 

And i think it secretly make your base last longer, hehe ... 

I have been using it seen i got them in my customized trove and in love with it ! 
Really thanks VanityTrove for this and appreciated. 

Smell :- 
No worry ! I didn't conscious about the smell until this question popped up here and i have a sniff on it and "AWW ..." It smell so good, it kinda like powdery smell ! 

Worth the Price :- 
*let me check on their website* 
It is 30 pounds/dollars on their website so hmm ... (i suck at currency) 
Anyway, if you can afford it then i think it is a good investment on your makeups ! 

Worth a Try :-
Definitely if you have pores (don't tell me you don't have, i will slap you)

Rate :- 
(Don't ask where is another 0.5 as you know nothing is perfect and 4.5 considered damn high already on me XD) 

the POREfessional, benefit 
Silky, oil-free PRO blam quickly minimizes the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin. *COPIED* 

Signing off with my selca ~

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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