Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We Love Asia 2.0 Tickets Discount Code ... ❤

Bello guys ... :)

Remember last year i rocked with RedFoo with RED lippie in We ❤ Asia Music Festival ?' You missed it ?' No worry ! We  Asia 2.0 is coming real soon and it is on September ... Want tickets ?' Expensive ?' No worry ! Stay Patient !

I'm quite excited for PITBULL man, can't wait !!! DJ ANTOINE was here last year (if i didn't mistaken) and he did quite well. (That's why i remembered he is here) This time they extended the stage, can't you believe ?' 3 STAGES ?' Just can't wait for it ! What is the ticket's price ?' 

Ticket : WWW.TICKET.WLA.MY (get you tix here)

And guess what ?' I (kinda) got you all a discount and it is 10 % discount and so here is your discount code ! BE AWARE !!! DISCOUNT CODE is ... (Stay Patient ?') LOL ! I know so here you go ... 

DISCOUNT CODE (10% off) :-

I think i will be wearing another shade of lippie (wearing too much RED) if i will be there ... :D 
Sign off with a selca ~

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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