Tuesday, August 27, 2013

WEVents 3rd Anniversary Party at Armada Hotel ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Blogging tonight reluctantly because i wanted my CN Blue's blog post always be the TOP one but then that's mean i can't blog anymore ?! LOL ~ NO WAY !!!! But still can't get over them, hmm ... 

Anyways, you gonna be interested at this one which i'm gonna blog about right now !
Have you guys heard of WEVents before ?' We-vents ?' W-events ?' If i didn't mistaken, it pronounce as We-vents ! What is WEVents about ?' I think some of you guys know/heard about this already because newspaper (i think The Star) come out with the news which is the 3rd Anniversary Party held on 17/08/2013 at Armada Hotel. So WEVents are ...

WEVents are WomenOnlyMENnotinvited social events organizing by working women volunteers. The events are held in a casual environment (with no formal agenda) with the idea of bringing together working professional women for a fun evening. 
In WEVents, women can VENT their opinions and thoughts freely, build connections and make new friends. Basically it is an event for women to let their hair down after a hard day's work and just be themselves. *COPIED* 

I'm so honored that i'm invited to their anniversary party and guess who i met ?' STAY PATIENT ! Let's enjoy the picca(s) and we shall reveal it below ... 
Refreshment (part of it) :-
Founder of the WEVents:-
Founder of the ACutAbove (Winnie) :-
She shared about what's her thoughts about superwomen and she think that being able to work hard and also able to play her role as a mother well is really super already and of course she talked about her career which is amazing to her that the business keep going until now ... I think everybody know about her right ?' She just finish her showcase though (why i didn't get invited ?!!! I wanna go and see her magic work ...). I really surprised when i met her there like "Gosh, is that the one who owned the luxury hair saloon ?'" !!! Of course i have a picca with her but it is blur and not presentable, sorry >...< Can you do your magic on the grass grow on my skull ?' 

Superwomen Contest (some of the contestants) :-

Picca(s) with the contestants :-
 How if i dye my hair to the RED, yay or nay ?' XD

 #BagofLoveFounder #MiMi 

Lucky Draw & Appreciation Awards Session :-
Founder of The Butterfly Project and more ... 
Best Dressed Award goes to CATWOMAN !   
#Mine #LuckyDraw #BagofLove 
Check Bag of Love out ... 
Mimi (the Founder) loves reading so she managed to get book store to cooperate with her bag and from this months on, every bag come with a book and i am so lucky to get the book (as i love reading, just FYSI - for your secret info) and i have read quarter of them and still continuing ... I know somebody out there hate books so much but please lah ! DON'T ! 

Other than that, i have also try out the Himalaya Neem Face Pack which prevent breakouts and blemishes one and i find out not bad though (i'm using it occasionally). Maybe i should do the bag review so that you guys won't miss out any important info (like prices ?' haha) TRY MY BEST >...<

And i got a new lippie from OnlyBeauty.com (YES) ... 
Picca with our SUPERWOMAN :-
#SneakPeek on le ann maxima collection 
Thank you all the sponsorship for WEVents Anniversary Party, appreciated ! 

WEVents' FaceBook Page :-

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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