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Wind Chimes in a Bakery presented to you by Samsung Galaxy S4, Malaysia ... ❤

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Have you watched the new/4th episode of the Wind Chimes in a Bakery which just released on YouTube, Samsung Malaysia yesterday ?' If you haven't watched it then do it now ! I assure you, it is just ... Awesome ! It is Malaysia's production but with Korean's Director ! If you didn't know about this then you are just ... Out-dated ! LOL ... *no offended* haha 

So let me share about what is it about ... 

*extract from the press release*
The series features a story about Adam and Sue- a boy with nothing but a dream and a girl with everything but love and follows Adam after a tragedy in Sue's life, as he recalls the best moments they had together. 

The 1st episode :-
Synopsis :-
Adam has just lost Sue, the love of his life. They had a love larger than a lifetime, but now, all he has left to remember her by is her phone. Despite grieving her loss, there is still a lingering thought on Adam's mind, that something was not right ... *COPIED*

The synopsis not really telling the whole thing, that's why it is just "SYNOPSIS" ... haha
You have to watch this and see how good is the first-time-acting-Nabil aka Adam in the crying scene ! Really feel like crying with him man ~ Really can't believe that this is his first time in acting ! So damn touching ~ But he shared with us [yesterday] on how and what is the funny things while he is shooting for the crying scene ! STAY TUNED for the Baking-Workshop's post ! 

Video Link :-

The 2nd episode :-
Synopsis :-
Adam first met Sue at a bazaar a few months before where he was selling red bean buns. It was love at first sight as both could feel an inexplicable connection. As time passed, they discovered they completed each other - whatever they lacked individually was made whole by the other. The couple understood what they had was special. 

Reminiscing how they met each other ... 

Video Link :-

The third episode :-
Synopsis :-
After discovering Adam's dreams in baking, she encourages him to realize his aspirations and open a bakery. Coming from a less privileged family, Adam is reluctant as he has always been taught to pursue a degree, aim for stability and provide for a family. One fateful day, as Sue and Adam stumbled upon a perfect place to open his bakery. But something sad happened ... 

This is the episode you definitely should check em out if you wish to get yourself a wife ... haha 
So what is the sad thing happened ?' Watch the video ! 

Video Link :-

The 4th episode :-
Synopsis :-
Adam sinks into a very dark place and he loses his will to live. In the midst of grieving, he accidentally discovers a box filled with Sue's plans for his bakery. Adam decides to finish what Sue had started for him, and he begins building the bakery. Months pass and Adam opens his store for the first time. The wind chime at the door rings to signal Adam's first customer ...

No matter what happened, you just have to continue your living ... 
Yea ... I also don't know who is the first customer as the 5th episode not come out yet but soon ! The 5th episode will released on Thursday 08/08/2013, CAN'T WAIT !!!

Video's link :-

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