Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Apple released iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C ... ❤

Bello guys ... :)

Why am I blogging now?' Maybe it is because Apple just released their new version of iPhone 5 which really impressed me?' Could it be?' I would like to say 'YES' after viewing their official video on their official website (even though it took some time to load) so I guess now everybody is heading to their official website and checking their official video out, right?' I think the 'traffic' will be real congested after morning so lucky I did checked them out in the early of this morning (maybe it is because I'm free like a bird here), haha...

Stop nattering and we shall talk about their new version(s) of the iPhone 5 ...
I didn't really get a hand on the first generation of iPhone 5 but after viewing those review and comparison videos about it on YouTube, it is actually just another upgrade version of iPhone 4/4S ... Of course I do feel like getting it but in the end I go for xxx brand as you know ! But this time... WOW

Apple released two new version of iPhone 5, one is iPhone 5S and another one is iPhone 5C (I guess everyone have an idea about this even without me mentioning this)! Let's talk about iPhone 5C first before we move on to the most interesting one ... Now and finally, iPhone doing the color(s) thingy and you can get 5 beautiful color for iPhone 5C and the another specifications i think is basically same with iPhone 5 (if I didn't mistaken as I'm not pro in review technology yet) or maybe upgrade to faster but still with A6 chip...

Move on to iPhone 5S which the they launched a real new thing that you never thought of having it (for me lah... I know there is face detect out there but... ) and it make me feel like really, like seriously,literally getting it man because i need that, haha ... iPhone 5S comes with touch ID which don't need to type or swipe your password!!! There is occasion when Yong-Hwa stands in front of you and smiling but you still need to type the 4-to-infinity password to unlock your phone and go for the camera?' (only for non-iphone consumer) I think Yong-Hwa also gone liao lur! So don't you think we all need this kind of fingerprints sensor to unlock our phone?' If my phone got stolen or my bag being snatched away (with phone inside) then I think the stupid fucking robbers / thiefs will mind-fucked like shit until their brain go exploded... WIN!!! Okay, i should start saving money now !

Other than Touch ID, the other new specification of the iPhone 5S is burst mode on camera ... :O Burst mode is quite useful when you come to Jung-Shin jamming in front of you (just an example) ... Beside from the Burst Mode, there is also a slight upgrade on the camera pixels... iPhone 5S comes with 8 megalpixels with 1.5(x) pixels and also 2.2 aperture instead of 2.4 ! (Don't ask me what is the meaning of it) iPhone 5S have no color version but glamorous gold color (I want!!! ) and also with A7 chip which mean... Faster! Smoother!

The end !

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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