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Beauty Creative Lab (BCL) Media MakeUp Workshop ... ❤

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After reading so many (not that many also what) cosmetic blog posts from me, i wondering do you think that i'm selling them ?' Because i keep having question(s) like "You sell those items in your blog right ?'", "You having part time job as selling cosmetic products ?'" and etc. which actually quite annoying ! (No offence ! It just annoyed the shit out of me not you/the one who asked) I came into a conclusion after analysed why i got this kind of question and the conclusion is simple as that, THEY DIDN'T READ AT ALL (don't know whether they can't read or they're just simply lazy) ! This is a warning though ...

Let's get to the subject of the day which is also another cosmetic brand and they are from Japan ! Actually what's the latest makeup trend ?' Korean-style ?' Japanese-style ?' There is an eye-bags-style trend (before ?' Are they still in trend ?') and if you do check my previous post out, i do 'draw' my eye-bags ! Sorry i can't tell the answer of the question because i never a person who follow trends but i do check them out and if i fancy about them (makeup/clothes/shoes and etc.) i will give it a try. Okay, so let's give this Shibuya Girl which represents Cool & Confident a try and also they are one of the latest makeup trend in Tokyo.

Pleased to be invited to their media workshop and told to attend the workshop with bare face so that we can created the look together. Let's start with eyebrows (with own base) ...
X straight and thick eyebrows / Follow your own eyebrows just fill in the blank (if possible)
Browlash Ex W Eyebrow Pencil & Liquid (Natural Brown)

Eye Shadow
There is no need of "Tips" if you having their Eye Shadow because it is basically just coloring your upper eyelid like you do coloring on paper like a color pencil or else just use a brown color eye shadow to apply on your upper eyelid BUT remember to bring it up (not too much) when come to the end of your eye corner ... (pink is light brown) 
Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow (Bronze Brown) - blue

Fill in the gaps between your upper eyelashes gently (Gel Eyeliner-Black) and remember to bring it up (not too much) at the end of the eye corner; Use the Water Strong Liner too define the eyeliner more (only the end part which slightly up one) 

For bottom lashes, use Gel Eyeliner - Brown to line the half of your lower lashes and end it at the outer corner of your eyes !
Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner (Jet Black & Deep Brown)
Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner (Deep Black)

Move on to the eyelashes part BUT before that i have to warn you that no eyelashes curler is allowed ... :O
We didn't realized there is no eyelashes curler on the desk but everything else at first so when come to the eyelashes part we are like raised hand and ask for it >...< It is impressive and for those who hate bring along the eyelashes curler while heading out should definitely get this like me even though it didn't work that perfectly like a curler but it does do it's job ! Anyways, how many (types of) mascara do you usually applied ?' For me is 2 types, long for upper lashes and volume for bottom lashes ! This is girls :P They are practicing 3 ...
First, apply the Volume (Dark Pink) one; Second, apply the Curler Express (pink) one and thirdly apply the Long (red) one and you are done !
See the different ?' 
(Dark Pink) - Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber (200% Volume)
(Pink) - Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express (Curl Type) *hold the brush at the end of the lashes (not roots) like 5 secs when you apply*
(Red) - Browlash Ex Lash Sclupture (130% Long)
#Step1 (Volume)
#Step2 (Curl) 
#Step3 (Long)

Blush :- 

Lip - Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss (Strawberry Red) 
Sensei touching up my lipstick ... 
Satisfied smile, LOL 

Picca(s) time :-

Products used:- 
Eyebrows - Browlash Ex W Wywbrow Pencil & Liqiud (Natural Brown) 
Eye Shadow - Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow (Bronze Brown) 
Eyeliner - Makemania Data Pencil Gel Eyeliner (Jet Black & Deep Brown) 
- Browlash Ex Water Strong Liner (Deep Black) 
Mascara - Browlash Ex Volume Lash Fiber (200% Volume)
- Browlash Ex Lash Curler Express (Curl Type) 
- Browlash Ex Lash Sclupture (130% Long) 
Lip - Makemania Data Essence Rouge Gloss (Strawberry Red) 

all from BCL (short for Beauty Creative Lab) ❤

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