Thursday, September 5, 2013

Casa del Rio Melaka brought to you by LUX ... ❤

Bello guys ... :) 

If you guys follow(ed) me on Instagram [username: frankieroseuni], you will know that i've been to Malacca for LUX's event. This trip is my very first one with fellow bloggers and also outstation for event (it is not my first time to Malacca though) ! It actually made me nervous (yet excited) when i get the invitation because i was wondering who/which bloggers are going ?' Do i know them ?' Can i fit in ?' Until i know that Caroline is going and then my nervous level dropped a little and thinking like if i don't know others then i will just stick with her and don't care about others, haha ... But it turned out to be a fun trip and there is butterflies (bloggers from The Butterfly Project)

The most concerned thing for me is actually foods ! haha I'm a vegetarian, for your secret information. So it is quite hard for me (and them as well, for sure) when i am the only one and they need to do special order(s) to my portion(s). Luckily they served us buffet(s) almost all the time so i don't really need to worry much (because in out of 5 dishes, there must be one without any meats - suitable for vegan) or maybe i can just go for desserts and fruits (good enough for me though even it is high calories), hehe ... They're nice that they ask them (kitchen) not to put any meats in the fried noodles/rice(s) and also made me fried noodles while the others having white rice and dishes. This is so sweet of them, don't you think so ?' :*

I don't really took much picca(s) but it definitely can't fit in only one post so i gonna split it up to two or maybe three post (i'm those kind of person who suck in being curt) ! So this post i'm gonna share about the hotel we're staying and the most awesome part is ... We get to have our own room (mean one person one room) ! I know you wondering "Don't you scare those thing ?'" Of course, i do ! We do ! Me and Caroline actually put on the same channel (24/7 cartoon one), muted it and sleep ... haha Still, keep awake and check the telly for no reason :D 

Casa del Rio Melaka 

The Hotel Shop
There is swimming pool at the most upper floor (but we are too tired to take a look on it) so no worry if you forget to bring swimsuit with you because The Hotel Shop is selling ! 

The Library 
For fellow gentlemen when their ladies are having spa session(s) and it is accessible only with your hotel room's card ... 
Sneak Peek of the collections ...

Room Tour 
I love my room so much and i miss it ... 
I miss how heavy is the hotel towel and the bathrobe, haha ... They are really heavy ! 
There is also a transparent bath cubic at the side for rinsing instead of just bath tub (i don't fancy bath tub though) and i really love the room design(s) and everything >...< Can i go back ?' hehe
My Room No. Welcome to ding dong me ! 
Entitled with spa session, :* (will blog about that)
Love their containers ... 
Can get it/them in The Hotel Shop though. 
 View from my balcony 

I was really surprised or should i say shocked ?' for their room services because a while later after we get into our room, there is room service sending us desserts but i don't dare to really answer the call because you never know who they are ... Might be a robber as well ! But end up they really come and sent us services ! haha
They also sent us the forecast for the next day weather on the evening. 

For this awesome trip, i would love to thanks LUX !



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Wanna smell good and be confident (when you know you smell good, you will be confident automatically :D) ?' LUX is here for you ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤
To Be Continue ...

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