Monday, September 23, 2013

DEFINE Art Jamming Party at Terrace @ Hock Choon ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Sorry to kick started this post with a quite pretty but non-edited, quite legit but shameless selca of myself :P If you still don't get what i meant, look at the hashtag on my soft drink can and then look at my face again :D Fine if you think it is not legit at all, don't care !

Just come back from another getaways for review purpose (so i'm dead tired now) and i know that i need to keep my blog updating instead of keep posting something that out-dated ! I do mentioned about DEFINE Art Jamming Party which held on 15th of September right (pre-post) ?' I know you guys must be wondered like what and how will be the party be ?' Boring which full of artists (those guys with super long hair/beard one, maybe xD) ?' Or is it like a Gallery which hanged tons of arts ?' Or a free-flow alcohol party which decorated by arts ?' LOL Even though i'm the one who write the pre-blog post about it, i actually have no idea about how this Art Jamming Party gonna be like (before the party started) :D So here i am to reveal how much fun is it in this Art Jamming Party

DEFINE Art Jamming Party held at Terrace @ Hock Choon on Sunday (15th of September) which is the next day of my bxkixi show so please pardon me for putting less effort in my makeup of the day and dressing as well (maybe because i'm exhausted ?') and messy like shit hair >...< This is also my first time in of attending event with my hair tied up ! :( Let's the picca(s) do the talking because my brain is malfunctioning, wtf. 

Caroline and visible me but wanted to be invisible ... @.@

There was a booth where you can get your button batch(es) with you and your favorite items on it like you with bunny ears or maybe you with heart shape hair pin. This is actually quite hard for me by asking me what would you like to have on your badge on the spot ?' My mind went blank like i never fancy any shape, pattern or else, lol ... But they are kind enough to let me like "Hmm ..." for like 30 secs (maybe or longer ?') and being indecisive (of course they will tell some example so that you will have some idea)
Ernest from Bro, don't like that la, bro, Chee Ching from / illustrations+ (black short hair) and Yin Shan (red short hair) 
#chuyinshan [instagram] & #cheechingy (i like her personalities so damn much) 
Waiting for our badges ... 
Pretty lei ?' I take one !  
top one from #cheechingy and below one from #chuyinshan 
PatriciaK (with crop tee one) waiting for hers ... 


Here you go for the fun part of the event where party goers submitted their creative cocktale(s) when they registered (before event) ! I suck at being creative, for your secret information. So those 'cocktale(s)' are named after their 'owner' name so here is the winner and the ingredients used. Believe it or not, it is a chili ! :D No lah ... Believe it or not, we tried all 4 of them and my very very very honest opinion about it is they tasted terrible >...< I think they should let us customize our own drink (with the provided ingredients) to make it more fun right (even though it might taste so much terrible than those but we - party goers can blame no one coz we the one did it :DDD) ?' Hahahaha :P
 Damn Hot weiii (i mean the guy if you wondering)
I always find (specific) foreigner(s) attractive but they never find me attractive, fml. xD
The face is totally irrelevant with my opinion of the drink(s). :P 

Okay ! Let's me photobomb a little ... 
Covered Josh Lim >...< My Bad ! 
 "Wait ! One more ! My face not nice ... " said Josh Lim. (made us burst into laughter)
 Pretty Picca credited to Josh Lim ... (applause please ?!')
#DanKhooProductions was there ... 
Sorry for not editing and being Mrs. Mister Potato >...< 

Remembered there is a Volkswagen van in total naked ?' (if you say no then i really suggesting you for a medicine consultation because your condition are worse than me already) So actually our (party-goers) job is to paint it and turn it into a piece of art (even though it is a vehicle ?') ! If i didn't mistaken, it will be showcasing around KL and spot my name on it yea :D (i didn't join at all actually >...<) 

Let's check it out whether the 'naked' van managed to turn into a piece of art ... 
It really did turned into a piece of art (for me lah ! don't know you lah) and i love it so much ! And i know that you must be wondering who is the pretty above and what's her name right ?' Don't want to tell you arhhh ! haha #curliehome [instagram] I did take a picca with her but it is in other blogger's camera (because i wanted to try out her camera so take it with me and walk around lur >...<) and i think she forget to transfer it to me or maybe she deleted them :( 

They gonna have another party soon so stay tuned at their FaceBook's page for more/further info. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

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