Monday, September 9, 2013

DEFINE - Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E. on 15th September 2013 ... ❤

DEFINE - Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E is a series of events that advocate self-expression through the urban indulgence such as Fashion, Art, Music etc. DEFINE is not just your ordinary party. It is a series of parties that would allow its Guests to freely express themselves thus empowering them to truly DEFINE the party themselves.

Have you heard of DEFINE parties before this ?' I saw some bloggers blogged about their experience in the DEFINE party especially those picca(s) of themselves with the big DEFINE wording one which made me jealous like why i'm not there ?' Why am i not invited for it but now heheheheheh ! But one more thing to concerned is that what kind of makeup will make me look super (pretty) in those flash-ed picca(s), HELP !!! lol 

Stop nattering and here we go for what is the highlight of this Sunday party ?'
One bad/good thing of this upcoming party, it is only accessible by invitation(s) ! But no worry because they giving away 100 passes so where to get them ?' Check the details out on their FaceBook Page at ...

In this upcoming DEFINE - Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E. party, those attendees will be able take part in creating an art piece together with our invited artists, Ernest Ng from Bro, Don't Like That La Bro and also Haze Long from Art Misfits. Beside from these artists, you must be wondering who will be the emcee of the day (usually will be super pretty/sexy one) and also DJ of the party ! *drum rolls* It is by the beautiful Patricia Knudsen.
Is this Patricia Knudsen ?' She is so pretty (Y) ! 

The CORKTALES Session 
Are you tired of parties serving you conventional drinks and sometimes not even to your liking ?' DEFINE will be bring in YOUR flavor of drinks into this party. Tell is your favorite drink and how you would make it uniquely yours with your own recipe. Include your story behind how you discovered or concocted your uniquedrink. You will stand a chance to have your very own drink named after you, to be featured in this event. Express yourself through your drink and have everyone else in the party to enjoy it.

F - Fashion with an exceptional presentation in every angle 
A - Art in blending - the skills with pure artisanship
M - Music that expresses one's own individuality with uniqueness 
E - Expression of various journeys that tells one's story 

"We're proud to announce that DEFINE - Urban Recipe to F.A.M.E, a series of pop-up events catering to urban indulgence will be kicking of our very first event, "Art Jamming Party" this coming 15th September 2013." 
See you there ... ❤

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