Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dolly Wink's workshop at Little Pantry, Puchong IOI Mall brought to you by KOJI ... ❤

On 6th of September (Friday), i was invited to the Dolly Wink's workshop at Little Pantry, Puchong IOI Mall and i'm really glad that i got the invitation (even though i found out i'm actually one of the replacement, lol) So i bet everyone heard about Dolly Wink before right ?' (not sure about guys) I heard about it when they first came out with the false bottom lashes which really impressed me when what you think you could do to make your bottom lashes look more volume and longer is only by cutting off the upper falsies and stick them one by one at the end of the corner of the eye ! (i did this, no joke) Dolly Wink successfully made itself renowned but do you know about KOJI ?' (i have no idea before this) 

KOJI is renowned as Japan's false eyelash pioneer: we were the very first company to manufacture and sell false eyelashes, called tsuke-matsuge in Japan. 

So actually KOJI is the company while Dolly Wink is just another series which produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka which is the cute model that showcasing the falsies in everywhere for the advertisements and i think she is the one who drew my attention to Dolly Wink and also KOJI because she is having the dolly eyes which every girls are die to and actually wanted to give it a try but the price actually back me off, hahaha ... Attending this workshop actually make me get to try their products especially their falsies even though not the bottom falsies but is okay ... You know why ?' STAY PATIENT !!!

Share my story with falsies a little. 
My first falsies when i was ... Can't remember for sure but one thing i'm pretty sure is, i have never try/get falsies which cost more than RM50/pairs one because for me it is just a falsies when you will get the same effect no matter how much your falsies cost and for sure i was wrong like shit because bad quality falsies will keep 'reminding' you that you are wearing falsies while the good quality one will make you feel like you are having your own good quality - long & volume lashes which make you more confident for your eyes make part and in seducing guys ... lol 


So beside than Dolly Wink and KOJI, they also coming up the new series of falsies which is more natural instead of dolly and it is targeting those "Ai Mei" office ladies ! Notice the percentage on the packaging ?' The higher the percentage, the more natural the lashes are when you put them on ! So now office ladies, you don't have to fretted that no matter how many coats mascara you have also unable to show that you have lashes ... It will be launched on November ?' *Sorry i don't have press release coz it is not released yet* They give each of us - bloggers with one of the new series lashes and mine is #01 (picca below) and i've already put it on for one of my event and it really look natural and make me more pretty as well but it is not showing in the picca (is this a good thing ?') But what i like is the texture of the lashes which is really soft even softer than my real lashes man ! wtf

Let's me mention their eyelash curler which quite new and unique because they modified the old/typical version of the normal eyelash curler from those got spring wire one to those no-spring wire one and now they come out with theirs which is bigger in size, more curve on the frame and also diameter which also come with a container which protected it from being crashed when you carrying your makeup pouch with it in the bag. Below is a picture showing the old/typical one (left) and theirs (right). (might do another review on it okay ?') 

#EyeTape #Magic
*we was told to attend the workshop without mascara/falsies*  
*My eyes look bigger though*
*which i fell in love after try it out >...<*

As abovementioned, we - bloggers was told to attend the workshop with no mascara/falsies and for sure they provided us with their products so that we get to try it and write about it and the product i like the most except for falsies is actually the eyeliner which super easy to apply with no mistake at all unless you have a shaky hand (then you can't blame your eyeliner) and it able to draw a thin line as well ! For the (new version - black color) mascara, it actually smudge at the end of my day so i can't really take my #makeupoftheday picca(s) because i applied mascara on my bottom lashes as well and i 'draw' eyebags so when it smudge, it made me look like fatigue (like just after a fight with bf?' even though i don't have one) and none of the picca look good so it is quite important that mascara is smudge-proof. 

Foods :-
This is so sweet of them because they let's you choose either fish or chicken for your meal when you do the registration at first and when i tell them "Oh ~ I'm a vegetarian ...", they are totally ok with them and tell me that "Ok then i will put you as 'vegetarian' ..." so i get spaghetti instead of fish or chicken but i didn't really finish it because i doubt myself finding chicken pieces in my spaghetti though, hmm ... Their #MushroomSoup is so damn tasty and i had two (the blogger sat beside me hate #mushroomsoup wtf) :P

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

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