Friday, September 27, 2013

Heineken Star Serve with Keith Nair ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Let's talk about beer(s) today !
Did i ever mentioned that i was an alcoholic like literally one, drink til puking ?' I said "i was" that mean i'm not an alcoholic anymore (i don't drink at all now) ! Actually i never like the taste of the beer(s) before, it is hard to swallowed and i think the reason why i was drinking so much beer(s) is because i used to think that girls do drinking is so damn cool and of course i was totally wrong ! Girls you need to love yourself (especially your body) more than everyone else does ! So this is a post for guys, i guess ?' LOL

I bet everyone knows about Heineken so let's leap to Heineken Star Serve ...

Heineken Star Serve 
Launched in 2012, Star Serve is a global draught beer quality programme that aims to improve the quality of beer poured in outlets through a 360 degree approach that tackles every aspect of the on-premise draught beer process and experience. 

Once again, i was damn lucky to be invited to the Heineken Star Serve workshop on last Friday and it is my honor to have pouring workshop with Keith Nair (google his profile, perhaps ?') who is the Heineken Draught Master & GAB Professional Solutions Manager. I was late that day due to my laziness ?' XD When i arrived, all the speeches are over and it is on the practicing the pour-off ritual already BUT i didn't go for the practice because i have stage-fright ?' :D So let's get into how to get a perfect pint of beer to your satisfactory !

First, prepare a clean glass which they rinsed it in a bucket of super duper cold water (which freeze my hand :( ) ! Second, Tilt the glass to 45 degree and turn on the beer tap; Pour in one single motion, straighten the glass when it is 3/4 full and fill the glass till full. (Here is the tricky part !) Third, Place the glass on a drip tray and using a wet spatula, skim the top of the foam. (with your spatula held 45 degree to the surface as well) Fourth, When the bottom of the head sits on the star's horizon your Heineken Draught Beer has been poured to perfection. Fifth, serve the beer with the Heineken logo facing the customer on a Heineken coaster. (it looked easy right but NO) (whoever took the photographs below should definitely watermark his/her name obviously she/he did a great job :P)
#ServeYourPint #KeithNair

So as a customer, you just have to note whether the bottom of the foam sitting horizontally with the star and of course pay please. After the practicing round, we can't help ourselves queuing for foods already because it is dinner time and after dinner time, MC announced that the first round of the media(s) who will have to do the pouring and i was shocked like shit "WHAT ?' Everyone have to take part ?' I didn't practice just now, fml ... " So i was like "Just cincai do lah ! No one really cares about having the perfect pint :P" But of course i still wanted to be as perfect as i can due to i quite good in mimicking so i simply just recall what they did just now when they're practicing >...< (i know it is my bad for not practicing :( )

Time for the perfect pint(s) :-
Carol so bad laughing at people pint :P 
There is something wrong with her beer tap actually ... 
#Eric & #Don  
"OMG ~ How am i supposed to do with this thing ?'" 

When they started to announce the winner (best 6), i was chilling on the sofa like no body cares because i'm quite sure that i didn't do a good job on it >...< And when they announced the first winner out of the best 6 "the first winner is Frankie !" My mind went like "Is that me ?' FrankieRoseUni ?' or is there another guy here named Frankie ?'" But as i walk up to receive my gift, no one stood up and protest that the gift supposed to be his so i bet i'm the "Frankie" ?' And the gift for the best 6 is a carton of Heineken, i bet i'm just lucky that night ?' LOL I bet i can be a bartender now :D

*I don't know who is the white top girl actually >...<* 

Having so much fun at the workshop and thanks for having me :) 

Have  A Nice Day ... ❤

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