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HPV Vaccination Program at Syopz @ Taylor's Lakeside on 2nd of October ... ❤

Update :- 
Ladies born on 1993 & 1994 will get free vaccination !!! Others will get discounted price - RM180 instead of RM1K ... I think this is the last chance for 1993 peoples (like me) to get free vaccination so you know lah ! 
Howdy guys ... :) 

Let's talk something serious here ! 
Do you guys know about HPV ?' Guys and gals ! I thought it is only for gals who will affected by the virus but NO ! Guys will be affected as well but most types of HPV are harmless, do not cause any symptoms and go away on their own. So what HPV stands for ?' 你们有听说过HPV吗?不管男或女!我之前以为只有女生会被传染,没有想到原来男生也会!但是大部分的HPV是无害的,不会有病状然后会自动离开(我说病)。什么是HPV呢?

HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus 
HPV 代表着人类乳变病毒

Genital HPV may be the "high-risk" type that can cause pre-cancer or cancer. HPV is easily spread through skin to skin contact and for sure (through) sexual activity . (That mean there is possibility to get the virus even without sexual intercourse, wtf.) and due to many types of  HPV may not show any signs or symptoms so people might be transmitting it without even knowing that themselves are affected. A person can get more than one type of HPV. (:O) 生殖的HPV算是高风险的,它可导致癌症!HPV是很容易通过皮肤和皮肤的接触所传染还有当然就是性交方面。(这就是说不一定是一定要性交才会被传染的)有很多种的HPV是不会有病状的所以很多人在不知不觉中传染给别人,自己也不知道。一个人可能感染上很多种的HPV.

How Will I Know If I Have HPV Infection ?' 
Because HPV infection does not usually show any signs or symptoms, you probably won't know you having it. Most people can therefore get HPV and pass it on without even knowing it. 
Most women are diagnosed with HPV disease as a result of an abnormal Pap smear. Pap smear is part of a gynaecological examination that aims to detect abnormal cells (pre-cancers) in the lining of the cervix before they have the chance become cervical cancer. 很多女人在治疗着HPV症因为Pap smear. Pap smear 是一种检查,在子宫颈的部位测验不正常的细胞所以它们不会研发成癌症。

How Common is Cervical Cancer ?' 
Each year in Australia approximately 600 new cases of cervical cancer are diagnosed and approximately 130 women die from this disease. Globally, cervical cancer is the second (currently is the 3rd one) most common women's cancer. 每年有将近600单新病例,有将近130因而死亡。全球算来,现在是第3名for女生疾病。
So to prevent we - women from getting lessen (haha), there is a free charity HPV Vaccination campaign by the government under LPPKN and the event will be held in 4 Universities in Klang Valley and one of them is by Taylor's University College. 为了防止女生的牺牲率,其中一个政府机构举办了一个免费HPV疫苗的活动,将会在四所不同的(吉隆坡)大学里举办。

So what is HPV Vaccination Program (PVHPV) ?' 
It is a vaccination program initiated by Population and Family Development Board Malaysia (LPPKN) under the prevision of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM). The main objective for this vaccination is to reduce the load of disease of Cervical Cancer for the next 20 years to come. Vaccinating against cervical cancer may reduce deaths by as much as two-thirds. All women from the age of 18 and above and not pregnant is eligible for the free HPV vaccine. Under the government initiative, LPPKN will be going to Universities in Klang Valley, Sabah and Sarawak to give out free vaccine to all the selected Universities students. 这个疫苗是为了减少子宫颈癌的病率。注射疫苗可降低三分之二的病率发生。所有18岁和以上的女生都可以接受这项疫苗。

So the first one will be held at ... 
Location/地点: Syopz @ Taylor's Lakeside 
Date/日期: 02nd of October 2013 (Wednesday)
Time/时间: 9am - 4pm 
[100% FREE OF CHARGE/免费] 

Apart from just a serious vaccination, they organised a game that bring more fun to this vaccination program which is something like a lucky draw and stand a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to a secret destination "Girl's Day Out" which you just have to create a group of 5 girls and take the vaccination, submit your group name and sit down wait and see whether you are the winner. How lucky we are ?' Ladies !!! Mark down your date and go to the college/university on that day, don't be lazy ! Because of girls, i'm gonna brief a little in Mandarin so that everyone will have an idea about this ! 除了打疫苗之外,他们很贴心的设计了一个游戏为吸引更多人来接受这疫苗。组一组5个女生,一起接受疫苗,提交你们的组名然后你们就有机会赢取一个经费全包的行程,是不是很贴心阿?所以,千万别逃课!
I decided to translate it in Mandarin (even though it is a low paid adv) because i wanted to let girls out there know what is HPV and also cervical cancer ! As well as vaccinate against it so that we won't be wasted those one week per month for the mensus (symptoms), hahahaha ... I hope my Mandarin is not that bad until you can't understand at all ! I have tried my best >...< (I can speak well in Mandarin but not writing) So if you guys have any question, you can head to their FaceBook's page and shoot them with it ... :) EVERYONE CAN JOIN THIS FREE VACCINATION DESPITE IT HELD IN THE UNIVERSITIES/COLLEGE ! 

FaceBook's Page :-

See you ... ❤
Love yourself more, girls ... ❤
and Take Good Care, xoxo 

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