Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hui Lau Shan ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Start the post with the selca of me & jiamei (high school bestie) because she is leaving soon to study in Taiwan for 7-years course (obviously it is medicine :D) man ! Feel sad and lonely but yet happy and excited for her and let's wish her all the best !!! 

The selca (above) is taken by her smartphones with an amazing app which i bet almost every girls got it in the phone (but i don't because ...) so i bet you guys can definitely guess it right for what is the app so not mentioning and obviously it saved my time from editing all the blemishes and flaws, haha ... Great one !

She is leaving soon so we met on Friday to kinda farewell to her ... I don't have too much feeling on friends leaving to study abroad because they will be back when they having their summer/winter break or maybe one/two months holidays or the worse one is they will be back only after graduated so i will see them sooner or later what ?!' haha Just my theory :P 

So in order to have a good chat with her, we wanted to have a place to sit on and maybe have some 'high-tea' and she recommended Hui Lau Shan for me/us so i finally have the chance to try Hui Lau Shan ! I always passed by the outlet in Berjaya Times Square but just never have a chance to try/taste them ... 

Hui Lau Shan 

Jia Mei's 
RM10.90 ++

RM12.90 ++
(you can select any of three from their "collection") 

It is all about MANGO(s) ! I ate the cake first because cake(s) always first to me even though i know there is a scoop of ice cream, haha ... It is chocolate favor as you can see and guess what ?' I'm rating it 5 out of 5 !!! FULL MARKS !!! Can i have some now ?' (at 11.30 pm ?') Not too much chocolate or too little ! It is just on it's perfect scale and i miss it now >...< ! RATE : 5/5 

The second thing i go for is this bowl (because there is ice cream ?') and i will rate it 4 out of 5 ! The white color thingy is actually coconut flesh, it is not keoy teow, haha ... Overall, not bad ! RATE : 4/5

The last one is Mango Pancake (i remembered the name of it :O) and i will rate it 3.5 out of 5.0 ... There is mango cube inside (in the middle) but i don't really like the white color thingy because it is tasteless ?' Is that cream ?' Hmm ... RATE : 3.5/5.0

Overall, i will rate it 4 out 5 but i think you should get a wifi (jiamei is complaining about it, haha) for the Pavillion outlet ... But not necessary because peoples still going there even without wifi or maybe they connected with the 'neighbor's wifi ... haha And one more thing, i think you should recruit because it is obviously lacking of staffs because after placing/writing down our orders, no one see or bothered me waving the check and i have to walk all the way and give it to them so yeap ... 

Mango lovers should definitely give it a try and for chocolate lovers, the cake is really nice and i bet it will meet your high expectation. 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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