Thursday, September 19, 2013

Legendary Traveler Instagram Contest from Heineken Malaysia ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Here you see me again, lol ! Gonna update about the Heineken's event i have attended on 24th of August just before Mr. Blue's concert :P So there is around 10 to 20 bloggers was invited and i actually get the invitation because my sweetie Carol can't made it so she pass the invitation to me, haha ... But lucky that Nicole able to make it so that i won't be alone there ?' I'm wondering how can i take those picca(s) if both of them can't made it ... : /

So we've been informed to gathered at GAB after that they actually wanted to blind-folded us in the bus and bring us to an unknown place but i refused to put it on because we are on makeup ! I don't wanna smudge my eyes makeup so ... The journey took about 20 to 30 minutes ?' (i don't wear watch) And guess where the bus stopped by ?' But i think i don't really need to be blind-folded in order to keep the mystery of the place to me because i'm a 200% of "road-idiot" ... Maybe because i don't drive yet so all the highways or roads ?' look the same to me : /

We stopped by at a beautiful garden which named Taman Tasik Perdana and it is really beautiful there ... It is one of the recommended hang-out place from me with your anyone but i think have to apply sun block lah ~ hehe So all of us joined the Instagram contest which you can see all the picca(s) hashtag-ing #LegendaryTraveler and #HeinekenMY so i wanted to share mine here (of course you still able to get them in Instagram). Let's check it out ! hehe

All these picca(s) taken by my smartphones (if only you know what phone i'm using :D) ...
Nice right ?' I'm so proud of my phone. It is like better than my camera xD So what do you think ?'
I'm not encouraging drinking while driving (picca #6) and it is purely for picca purpose ! I don't encourage alcohol at all, for your secret information. hehe

After the picca(s) taking session at the garden, we headed over to Toju Bar for some dinner and also announced the winners ! The grand prize is a Leica's camera which worth 10,000 bucks in Ringgit Malaysia (i heard goooooood comment about it) and for sure like usual, i get none of them :( Is okay, i will try harder next time XD
Random picca(s) below.
Hard time of a professional photographer ! 
Irresistible hot guys !  
Hot lady ?' lol #SELCA 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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