Monday, September 30, 2013

Lost World of Tambun's journey by KTM (ETS) Gold Coaches ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)
Let's make a start on our Lost World of Tambun's journey !

I think everyone familiar with KTM right ?' Not to mention someone like Carol ! :D
Even though KTM moves a bit slower (compare with LXT & Monxrxil) but the area(s) it covered are really lots ! So for peoples like me got no car or even with no license one, no worry because now we all can travel up to nowhere with just KTM (don't tell me you want to go USA by KTM, it is not gonna happen *slap your face*) Or even for peoples who lazy to do the hours drive ! So guess how much it cost you to travel from KL (Sentral) to Ipoh ?' Even with GOLD coaches, it only cost you RM70 (back and forth) ! How much your fuels fee cost you when you drive up to Ipoh ?' I ensure you that it is gonna be more than RM70 ! Am i right ?'
 Spacious enough ?' 
 Foods selling counter ... *Photo from iamStudio*
See ! Carol having so much stuffs also can fit in her seat ! :D  
Best Part of all ! Mr. Bean ! 

Aigoo ~ (from Carol one) 
Should have go to the washroom and take some picca(s) ! I don't have to answer nature call because they are not 'calling' so miss the part >...< But one thing for sure is, there is washroom(s) available inside the train ! En route to Ipoh, we are just too excited that no one is sleeping but chit chatting, mingle around and etc. Of course as what i mentioned in previous post "The Butterfly Project - Survival Kit" that each of us get a hand on the "Survival Kit" from The Butterfly Project and also a Rilakuma's cookie ! 
HaHaHaHa *from iamStudio*

Roommates' sticks !
Told you we are too excited to sleep en route to Ipoh so Selca ... :D 
#LashofTheDay #KOJI #LashConcierge 

Tadah ~ 
Reached Ipoh's KTM station and Lost World of Tambun's staffs are there to escort and welcome us ! 
Seriously need a haircut =...= 
from Henry Lee, iamStudio

Thanks KTM (ETS) for sponsored the Gold Coaches, appreciated ... 

To be continued ... 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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