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Lux Fine Fragrance Ingredients in their Body Washes ... ❤

The fella behind is like "Ni ke yi bu yao yi zhi zhi pai mah ?'" :P
Howdy guys ... :)
Finally is Monday but lucky enough it is a public holiday which mean i have more time to focus on my outstanding blog post(S) ... I know it is like due already but pardon me and late better than never right ?' SO here we go okay ?' Let's talk about fragrance(s) today ! 

What fragrance/perfume do you like/prefer the most ?' Floral-scent type ?' Fruit-sweetness type ?' Or ... 
Do people recognize/acknowledge you by perfume or scent ?' 

My stories with perfumes ! I love myself smelling so damn good since i was in primary school ... 
I started to apply all those smell-good-products on me when i 'accidentally' smell-ed my eldest sister hair treatment (gel?') which she left it in the car (papa's car) for her convenience (apply everyday before get down to school) and to be honest, my hand was the itch-est at that moment because i "curi-curi" use my sister's stuffs one but they are smart enough to find out that i used it =...= Why huh ?' I'm not pro enough maybe ! LOL So my primary school classmates said to me once like: "i  can 'smell' that you are coming ..." Once again, teacher compliment us with stuffs (like notebooks, pens and else) and one of the notebooks actually got scent one so she asked "This is smell good, who should i give to ?'" Then those "noisy" person in the class said "XXX (my real name) because she always wanted to smell good !" I'm actually quite proud that i'm smelling that good so when my sister's smell-good-hair-treatment-gel?' ran out of stock, i was like damn nervous thinking that i couldn't able to be smell-good on that day already and no confident at all ! hahahhaah 

Until i grow older, i started to smell those ladies who passed by me with really thick and heavy perfume which actually choked me and i started to lessen myself wearing perfume(s) because i don't wanna choke peoples especially boys ?' hahahah We - girls do certain things to draw guys attention right ?' Basically now i don't really wear perfume though because i'm poor ?' I'm also afraid to be smell like "cheapskate ?'" (i mean cheap perfume) so i make sure i have a 'clean and clear' bath to every inches of my body before i'm heading out ! But nowadays, i'm kinda obsess with myself wearing guys perfume which make me cooler ?' Does it ?' lol ! I love guy(s) with strong scent (especially it smell like him), because it made me feel like go nearer and smell and might 'cola-bear' him :D 

Okay ! My stories with fragrance(s) might bored you?' but that's my style in writing blog post ! Take it or leave it ! xoxo Let's move on to the subject of the day which i think everyone here should concern about (including guys ?' Hmm ...). What do you prefer when you choosing your body wash ?' Smell good ?' Nourishing ?' Moisturizing ?' Whitening ?' Anti-aging ?' (got meh ?') For me, it have to smelling good (even though not smelling great ?') enough so that i will feel like taking bath ?' If not, what is the purpose of taking boring bath ?' Nourishing ?' Moisturizing and else is just another bonus to me ! (all body wash do have cleansing feature right ?' : /) So in the last #LuxMelaka's trip, there is a fragrance workshop for us to learn more about their perfume ingredient(s) in their body wash which i hope i could 'record' the smell of them so that all of you can have a sniff on it ! But no such thing ... 

"In order to continue to inspire millions of women who have come to trust Lux for their daily cleansing and beauty needs, we collaborated with some of the top perfumers in the world such as Ann Gottlieb. Ann has created among the most recognized and celebrated scents in the world such as Obsession, CK One and Eternity for Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs "Daisy" and Christian Dior "J'Adore" (we get to smell those mentioned, hehe). Lux customers can enjoy every bath knowing that the lingering scent that stay with them long after their bath is created by a world renowned perfumer. Lux evokes your senses and provides exceptional pleasure to your bathing and skincare experience. This is something that is unique to Lux." said Tanya Teng, Brand Manager for Skin Cleansing, Unilever (M) Sdn Bhd. 

Lux Soft Touch 
Inspired by strawberry fields, Soft Touch is composed to convey an irresistibly soft and sensual feeling, blending indulgent florals with some fresh fruity notes. The rich floral bouquet is contrasted with the sparkling fruity fizzy notes of strawberry and passion fruit. Caramel and vanilla (Vanilla ice cream taste good for sure but definitely no good when it comes to the smelling of just vanilla :P) complete this creative scent. Lux Soft Touch forms a light creamy layer on the skin which will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. (i feel like taking bath with it now after i sniff on it and go walk around and seduce some handsome :P) 

Lux Velvet Touch 
Velvet Touch gives you a pure lingering fresh top note of sparkling citrus, clean aldehydes and apple. The elegant scent is up-lifted by muguet and jasmine and enriched with creamy peach. The fragrance ends with powdery, woody and ambery notes to connote a warm sensuality. Lux Velvet Touch is guaranteed to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth after each bath. (Wah ! I really should go bath now ... It smell soft ?' Hmm ... Don't know arrr ! But it smell good for sure and it definitely make you smell good without perfume) 

Lux White Impress 
This fragrance embodies the graceful charm of Lily of the Valley, transparent rose and jasmine petals combined with a sparkling fruity ensemble that greets your olfactive palette with sheer orchard freshness while leaving a scent trail of comforting musk, amber and white vanilla. Lux White Impress is the perfect choice for those who wish to achieve beautiful fair skin as the body wash exfoliates, whitens and moisturizes at the same time. (It smell like your whitening skincare - face regime :D)

Lux Magical Spell 
A complex blend of eight mystical ingredients, the Magical Spell body wash is guaranteed to create a sensorial explosion. The complex fragrance has a romantic and sensual floral heart with a key note of rare black orchid. A captivating blend of juniper oil, dark woods, golden amber and vanilla been are expertly layered on top producing a fine fragrance that lasts. 
These fine exotic ingredients are extracted at the peak of their bloom, and embraced into exquisite Fragrance Pearls, giving you an intoxicating scent that lingers long after you step out of the shower. (i don't feel the magic with just sniffing but it does have those scent that what it takes, am i taking any sense ?' : /) 

Lux Wake Me Up 
Opening with refreshing citrus notes and a delicate floral heart, fruity and musky notes perfectly round off this delicate, feminine, refreshing fragrance. The name states it all, as Lux Wake Me Up provides you with a fresh-looking beautiful skin that will perk up your day. *sorry i don't have this with me* 

"Creating fragrance for body washes is just as complex as creating a bottle of perfume. There is a lot of experimentation and creativity involved to ensure that the fragrance compliments the brand but at the same time be able to resonate with consumer emotion and give them a wonderful experience." said David Boyd, Global Fragrance Director from Givaudan. 

"There are many layers to the fragrance for a body wash. We also have to consider the top, middle and base notes to create the right mixture that can provide the necessary impact and leave a lasting impression."  said David Boyd, Global Fragrance Director from Givaudan. 

Brought to you by LUX
Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Syafiqah Hashim said...

hello frankie..
lux bodywash have great fragrance..
nice to meet you at the event..see yaa at Tambun..

Smallnhot Sarah said...

I love Lux bodywash too, it smells awesome !!
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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i super love velvet touch! wanted to try magical spell too! >.<