Friday, October 11, 2013

#LuxMelaka's Lux Fine Fragrances Workshop & Dinner with Nur Fazura ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Back to #LuxMelaka's journey again !!! 

They conducted Fragrance Workshop for us to know more about the fine fragrance ingredients (check my previous #LuxMelaka's post out) in the LUX's body washes ... Every time i take the media kit file out for my reference (even after so long), it still smell good like on that day itself (fragrance workshop and those fragrances sprayed on paper) and it really surprised me how long those fragrances last (the scent) so when it added into the LUX's body washes, you know lah ... 

So we were given like 4 hours (not counting the spa & massage - 1 hours) free-and-easy period for us to explore around and also get ready for the workshop and pull on a dress for the dinner and meet Nur Fazura, LUX brand ambassador (she is really pretty and gorgeous of course friendly as well)

"Growing up, I used LUX and i always associated it with its beautiful fragrance. Now that LUX comes with best ever perfume and fine fragrance created by one of leading perfumes in the world, Ann Gottlieb, it makes it all the more special and scentsational. LUX body wash is truly a precious yet indulgent beauty treat," said Nur Fazura. 

We were provided with a little (little meh ?') foods before the workshop and after this #LuxMelaka's trip, i'm officially and totally in love with Carrot Cake (i'm not sure whether it called carrot cake but others said it is so yeap ...) ! But i didn't really see carrot cake around KL so after the trip i don't really get to 'see' (eat lah) my carrot cake anymore >...< Btw, i spotted 'carrot slice' in Secret Rxxipx but i afraid that it tasted like shit >...< !
#CarrotCake <3

Photo Session before workshop :-

Fragrance Workshop by David Boyd, Global Fragrance Director of Givaudan :-

Actually it (fragrance workshop) is more like a lecture for me and that's why i can't really concentrating :D But i do smelled those fragrance samples they given and commented about it ... "This is nice !", "OMG ~ I like this !", "OMG ~ I gonna buy this ...", "This smell yuck ..." and blah blah blah haha Btw, i miss being in the lecture hall trying so hard to concentrate on what's the lecturer(s) talking about :D 
 Spot Carol "jia-jia" hard working :P
This is how much fragrances we get a sniff on ... Oh my nose, lol  
#Selca #EyebagsTwins,wtf. 

Dinner with Nur Fazura :-
I didn't take much picca(s) or selca(s) because my camera not functioning in low light (when we are inside the ballroom) >...< Hate it ! Any camera sponsor arr ?' Damnit 
 Carol won #BestDress but forgot to take picca(s) with my own camera but hers ... =.=
#me & #NurFazura 

The end of the day :-
 Selca taken in Carol's room ...
Good night :P 

Thanks LUX for this #LuxMelaka's journey ... ❤

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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