Tuesday, September 3, 2013

MARY QUANT's Workshop at muse by watsons in Sunway Pyramid ... ❤

"Be free, be yourself" 
The eternal spirit of Mary Quant. 

Howdy guys ... :) 
Have you guys heard of MARY QUANT before ?' It is a cosmetic's brand but also a person name (i'm surprise with this) ! To be honest, actually i never heard of the brand or even the name before this. I attracted to join the workshop because of 'colors' ! I always wanted to have lots of colors in my makeup collections so that i don't have to be fretted when there is some occasion like CN Blue's concert which i will show my support by having BLUE makeups or like REDFOO, i will have RED lippie. How if a band named themselves PURPLE ?' GREEN ?' I have none of the colors in my makeups collection >...< 

STAY PATIENT and i swear you will be surprise by their makeup collections especially on colors !

So i was invited to join their workshop at muse by watsons in Sunway Pyramid on last Saturday (the day after my Malacca's trip) and really thanks Paige Shem for picking me up ... I'm not sure if i will sleep on the street while making my way to Sunway Pyramid all by myself due to 'jet-lag', wahahahah :P Stop nattering here and time for picca(s) ...
This is my first time been to muse by watsons though ! I would say it is something like sasa ?' It is more on luxury perfumes and also cosmetics. Or an upper class version of watsons

Don't you amazed by their colors ?' 

Workshop :-

Selca-bomb :-

'Teacher' of the day (Ms. Takaki) + Model :-

After :-

Mascara :-
They have unique mascara(s) which i can't stop myself from mentioning them ... They have really colorful mascara(s) colors like grey, green, blue, red and more (which i can't remember) and notice their brush (picca(s) attached below) ?' When i first see them, i was afraid that the #Step2 side might actually 'eat' my lashes but of course no when i try them out on my own precious lashes ! It does lengthening your eyelashes though ... 

Colorful Pencil Liners :-

Selca + Goodies :-
Thanks for the goodies, appreciated and pardon for the selca-bombed, hehe ... 
I have no idea is there any meaning of putting white color flowers on the head but it is just for selca purpose, thx. 

You can get MARY QUANT at muse by watsons outlets ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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