Saturday, September 7, 2013

[Updated] My Make Up Look of The Day with CANMAKE, AUPRES & MARY QUANTS ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

I've made a big mistake (today) and lesson learned ... 
We always wanted to try something (or maybe everything ?') until lesson learned which either stop you or propelling you and in this case it stop me for attending some kind of event (this is a big deal for blogger) ! I'm gonna share here but no worry about that post i'm supposed to do and this won't affect my rating toward it (to whom may concern). Before sharing, i just wanna said this mistake is nobody fault but me, myself ! But i'm still glad that i made this kind of mistake so that i know what not to do and what not to go for in the future (start from this moment) ... 

So i would like to declare something here ... 
I'm a human so i like foods even though i'm a vegan so from now on i'm not gonna attend any foods review events (so no thanks for those invitation) but i would be more appreciated if you offer me some discounts on my meal (i will go there personally, maybe with my friends who is not vegan) but i will do the order(s) and of course welcoming for all the vegetarian restaurant(s)/food(s) and also desserts (like cakes)

This post is not just about the declaration (i tried to being curt on it already >.<) ...
It is about my appreciation(s) to those cosmetic brands i got ! I know you always see me getting them in my goodies bag(s) but did i use them ?' Do i like them ?' Is it recommended ?' So i decided to do this kind of make-up-look blog post and mentioned those cosmetic products (with brands) i'm using for the look (of course will try to create different look in every post) ...  It sound good for not wasting the make up of the day ! haha But this is definitely not make-up tutorial because i'm not good enough to do so >...< ! Only sponsored one will get mentioned, thanks for your understanding. 
Below contained selca(s), i mean all of them :P

CANMAKE Marshmallow Finish Powder MB 
Comments :-
Like what i said in my review post about it ...
I am totally in love with it and i use it to finish my base makeup everytimes (i feel insecure if i don't).

AUPRES The Dimensional Face Creator 
Comments :-
My makeup is not completed without this !!!
I'm using the 3-color blush applied on my nose bridge area instead of cheek for this look (with swipe(s) through 3 colors) ... It really gives you the natural finish and a little bling on you face so you look absolutely not bad when people(s) take a close look on your face ! I applied the highlighter (white color) on my T-Zone, under eye bags area, above lips tip and also chin ... The contour one (brown), i applied on my hairline and also jawline as well as the side of the lips to the front of the ears area.

MARY QUANTS Eye Opener (beige + brown) & Baby Blusher (orange)
Comments :-
I'm still getting use to it since i'm just got it not long ago ... I applied the baby blusher on my cheek area ! I do applied the eye opener on my upper eyelid which close to the fold of my double eyelid area, i use the beige color for the base and apply the brown on the middle-to-the-end (eye corner) area ... (i took all the selca after events) 
POREfessional from benefit
Hada Labo Air BB Cream
O'slee Flawless HD BB Cream
Kiss Me Long & Curls Heroine Make Mascara
Kiss Me Volume & Curls Heroine Make Mascara

Front view

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


choulyin.tan said...

nice ootd girl! makes you look very sweet :)

Anonymous said...

you look so beautiful. can i ask what contact lens are you wearing? thank you