Saturday, September 14, 2013

Pink n Proper Bikini Fashion Show at aloft MaiBar on 14092013 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
How was your Saturday ?' Last Saturday was totally a disaster to me (but not really disaster but just not my cup of tea) and yesterday (Saturday) was quite a blast though ... I owed a lots of blog post but let's me do something really spontaneous first like this one, okay ?' Thanks :D 

So yesterday was a Bikini Fashion Show by pink n proper and they used bloggers as their bikini models ... Caroline actually one of their picks but she can't make it so she shove me off (hahahaha) and of course i shamelessly said "YES" and that's why i ended up showing all my fats in the public >...< BUT it was a good experience though (not everyone have a chance in their life to put on a bikini and show it off in the public). I think my children will have lots of stories to hear about my younger life :D 

The party hours stated from 4 - 7pm (but they expected peoples arrived at 5 because KL mah) BUT us - bikini models have to reached at 12 pm for preparation like make-up, hair-do and also manicure ! So we are not supposed to eat anything to avoid tummy so i just grabbed a hot chocolate from Starbucks in case i'm fainting, LOL ! You know nervous - adrenaline drive, trembling, high-heel and etc. which will consumed much more energy than usual >...< We went for the outfit(s)' testing before full-dress rehearsal and honestly, i quite pissed off because they don't even bothered to use a sort-of-transparent-scarf to cover my fat (i was thinking to pull off at the moment) ! But in the end, she was right ! It is about bikini collections, not beachwear ! 

I didn't take picca(s) on the bikini(s) i'm showcased because we are too rushed but i see a lots of camera though so maybe someone can tag me ?' Please edit me to skinnier and prettier yea ! But they are really beautiful (the bikini collections) especially on other models one :D Mine also not bad but we - human being always find others one better than us, LOL ! I love the monokinis one and two pieces one as well but i'm not recommended peoples who fat like me go for the high-waisted one because the bottom piece is too tight and look terrible when fats are "overwhelming" ! LOL 

I hope i did a good job even though not a great one >...< 


Overall, it is really a good and fun experience to me and as well met new friends like Amanda Liu and Alice Tan (they are bikini models but Alice Tan is like too active, can't even chat with her :DDD) and guess who else ?' Karena Chow ! She is friendly enough though, i actually like her since i watched her acting on those YouTube videos in sweatpants on my bed :D And thanks for the only make-up artist of the day which is Fibiee Liew who also a bloggers ! I'm the last one who do makeup and (haha) i'm sure a "nan gao" person for her because i don't wanna let her trim my eyebrows and tell her just use the concealer will do and wanted my super long hairs to be curled even though we are running late ! Wanted my fringe part to be (spray) backward and blah blah blah ... :D But she did all of it ! She is a though lady :D Thanks for making me so chio ! xoxo 
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Other than make-up artist of the day - Fibiee Liew, we also have pretty manicure from China Glaze which is from US not from China (even though they called China Glaze :D) They did a great piece with the least tool ! See my nails and you will know what i'm saying (i mean pretty) ... xoxo 

#DrinksOfTheDay #Corona 
*sorry for the bad quality*

Will update more if anyone could tag me bikini part picca(s) yea ... Bubai ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Dnt be silly! U did a great job there! <3 Glad you had fun! :*