Friday, September 13, 2013

[REVIEW] amante outlet at Solaris, Mont Kiara ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
(Don't puke on my face, i know i look ................... *fill in yourself* when i act cute)

Remembered amante ?' The Massage Party ?' Hot Stones Massages ?' If you can't remember then click here for that post ! So i was invited to the Mon't Kiara outlet of amante to review their service ! I'm gonna be so damn honest below for your information ... I don't get paid for this review but i think even i get paid for it, i'm also gonna be as honest as i can/should be right ?' If not, what is the point of reviewing when you expect/force peoples not to talk bad about you (unless you really excellent in everything) and there you go for improvement for your service(s) ! 

Mont' Kiara's amante :-
1st & 2nd Floor, 
No. 17-1, Jalan Solaris 4, 
Kuala Lumpur. 

Tel : 03-6203 0221

Make appointment before you go there for their service(s) to avoid disappointment ! 

What i think about the transportation (not their problem though, hehe) :- 
For your secret information, there is no public transport around that area and i bet peoples can guess so because those are 'expensive area' ! So i took cab there and i can't remember where i hailed a cab and how much it cost for me to travel from 'here' to the Solaris area *brain fucked-up*. It is behind Gangnam 88 restaurant ! The bad thing about the place is no public transport or maybe the outlet is designed for 'expensive people' , lol ... BUT they do have a lots of outlets like in Berjaya Times Square one which reachable by public transport ! So do check their website out ... 

Let's have a look on their outlet :-

The service i've tried is Nailtek Spa Manicure & Pedicure
This service contained a scrub-ing, massaging with lotion, wrap with the transparent foil and put on the thermo thingy which heat up, mask (only hand), serum and manicure & pedicure ! I purposely did it on the day before my Malacca's trip so that i can have glam nails for the trips, haha ...

Before-and-after picca(s) (hand mask) :-
(Ignore my hairs okay ?' I get cold easily and they protected me, whahahahah) 
#Before & #After 
I do enjoyed the scrub-ing and the massaging a lots even though i felt that the scrubber is a little rough for me (she do ask me whether the scrubber ok) but i didn't tell them since i supposed to try them ! And here come the mask time, with the green color thingy which i find it quite interesting and stop her for a picca, hahah ... The mask dry up and need to peel it off slowly and i feel like asking her to let me peel it off myself (i like peeling especially mask but not fruits) but i didn't >...< I think you can see that the wrinkles on my hand is really lessening ! Sorry that no before-picca for the tattoo-ed hand but there is for no-tattoo hand so you can compare and i would like to say it's really worked on lessening wrinkles and my hand looked more radiant after the mask BUT i secretly hope the result can last more longer ! 

Manicure & Pedicure :-
You can see on the first picca above that i chosen the gold color (for my nails) and for my toes, i go for BLACK ! I always wanted to try black but black color is really adventurous when you apply it yourself (unless you are a mani-pedicurist) because with black color, your mistake will be easily seen like out of line a little or what SO get a good mani-pedicurist for this or maybe you can put your mani-pedicurist to a test for this, hahaha ! And i am so lucky that i get JOYCE to be my pedicurist on applying BLACK color on my toes ! 

Why ?' Because i find her very detail-ing when come to applying BLACK on my toes and i see her nails filling with black color already (normal for mani-pedicurist) ! She make sure the color look perfect ! She didn't talk much or she is not supposed to talk since she is not manicurist (manicurist do the talking ?') or maybe she is shy ?' She worked hard and i like her, wanted to take picca with her but she went lost when i'm ready to go ... 

Overall, i love the services i've had there and i will rate it 4.5/5.0 BUT ... 


What i dislike :-
I'm totally in love with the Nailtek Spa Manicure & Pedicure service and also the staffs (manicurist & Pedicurist) who served me but i like my pedicurist, Joyce more ... While i was sitting on the sofa area waiting for the nails color to be dry, some other staff approached me for their promotion and yea if i'm a boss/spy from their boss, i will be happy that they worked so damn hard in selling/promoting ... But i'm not, sorry ! I hate 'hard sell' peoples and that's why i always not hard sell-ing (i give information instead) ! People feel annoyed to those 'hard sell' peoples for your secret information. I think telling peoples/customers about your promotions instead of pushing peoples/customers to buy them will be better (including your sales figure). Peoples/Customers need time to think about this and that after knowing your promotions even in calculating budget (normal peoples do this, fyi) and if they really interested on it, they will come to you or even ask you to talk more about it. The thing is when they find out you got no interest on buying their 'products', they give you faces ! wtf  

Even though what i dislike, the rate will not be deducted ... 

Tell me how to selca with my pretty BLACK toe nails ! hehe 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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