Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tag Your Freak On ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Since Caroline Ng May Ling being so nice for calling me sweetie in her blog so i'm doing this post right now (in my break time) with one of my presentable selca on the opening, wahahaha ... *Keep staring at my selca and mind went blank, wtf* 

I have no idea why they named this as "Tag Your Freak On" ... Supposed to tag her freak instead of me right ?' Maybe i'm a freak for her, lol (she said sweetie fyi) and i go through the questions and they are not really revealing how freak you are/ i am so maybe i should add on some "freak" questions :P 

What's the nickname only your family calls you ?' 
For your secret information, is "A Girl"/"Girl". My mum call me "Leng Lui" as i grow older :O (She calls all her daughters "Leng Lui" lah) My mood will instantly become better x100 when i heard that but i don't think it applied to strangers or friends (best friend = family) because you never know they are trying to kiss-ass or faking around but i'm pretty enough though :P 

What's the weird habit of yours ?'
After question mark (?), i always like to put this --> ('). Is this a weird habit ?' LOL Let's me think !
I hate wearing bra ?' (I bet it is not considered as weird coz some girls out there hate them too) Don't wash my hair everyday ?' (Yea ... I don't wash it everyday and i wash it occasionally but i think this is dirty instead of weird) I check out hot girls ?' (Of course hot guys as well) Hmm ... I really can't think of what is the weird habit(s) i have ! Maybe because even i'm doing weird thing, i will 'normalize' them in my mind, whaahahah 

Do you have any weird phobias ?' 
I have lots of phobia but i don't think they are weird >...< Let's me brainstorm !

What's the song you secretly love to blast and belt out when you are alone ?' 
I don't have secret love toward any song because when i fell in love with a song, i "single repeat" it ! Play it out loud when i'm home and move with it, maybe ?' LOL My current favorite is Love Light from CN Blue ! (CN Blue again ?' :P) Sarang Heyo Darling ... (someone please translate the lyrics for me :P) 

What's one of your biggest pet peeves ?' 
Long time ago, me and sis going into an elevator and the door malfunctioned so it cant detect people walking through and it shut the door (when people going in) so there is a guy holding the door and let me pass through but when my sis passing through the guy let go his hand and my sis kena smacked by the door and now i have phobia of being kena smacked by the elevator's door !!! wtf. The guy really gentleman man ! I will overlooked your kindness to me when you mean to others but me ! (i secretly prefer you kind to everyone but me, wtf.)

What's one of your nervous habit ?'
POKER FACE ! I always have this face on (and i can take it off within one second) but when i'm nervous, I can't smile/laugh even you telling me the funniest joke ever (i laugh at almost everything)

What side of bed do i sleep on ?' 
Every inches of my bed ! I will fully utilize my bed, wahahahah ! It depends on my mood and conditions though ... 

What's my first stuffed animal and it's name ?'
I think Winnie The Pooh (from MC Donald)  ... 
I like stuffed animal so much especially those big one like human size but never bothered to get them because it is just such a waste of money, don't you think so ?' So i'm waiting for my invisible Mr. Right to turn out with it, :P 

What's the drink i always order at Starbucks ?' 
Dark Mocha (cold beverage) & Signature Hot Chocolate, strictly no whip cream (they are disgusting for me) 

What's the beauty rule you preached, but never actually practice ?' 
Diet/Be in shape ... I don't really preach around about it but this is the beauty rule i also wanted to practice but always failed ! Especially now when my stomach is so damn bloated from Malacca's trip, i still can't stop myself from eating my heart out ! DAMNIT 

Which way do i face in the shower ?' 
360 degrees ?' I face the door, the wall, the windows and the wall again ! I face everywhere but i will keep my eyes on the door because i always imagine someone might be peeking through or burst the door accidentally or intentionally then i will turn into NINJA MODE and grab something to cover before my naked picca be on tomorrow newspaper header ! 

Do i have any 'weird' body 'skills' ?' 
I can't fit myself into a box for sure ! But i think i have 'weird' brain, i keep imagine things like bad one, romantic one, good one and blah blah blah ... >...< 

What's my favorite comfort food that is 'bad' but i love to eat it anyways ?' 
BREAD !!! Obviously it will make me/us out of shape in a bad bad bad way but i still eating it from time to time, whenever i feel like having them >...< I can even finish one whole stack of the white bread in 8 hours (working period) Oh No ...

What's a phrase or exclamation you always say ?' 
I would like to say this change from time to time and my recent one is "CNBLUE", "Yong-Hwa", "Si Ren Tou" and etc. gua ... xD

Time to sleep, what am i actually wearing ?' 
When i reach here (in this blog post), it is 4 o'clock in the afternoon and i'm wearing a pink dress sitting in front of my work desk typing here so it is obviously not time to sleep, heheh ... 

What did i used to wear that i thought it was cool but now realized it wasn't that hot ?' 
Tons of ear piercings !!! I used to have ten ear piercings (5 pairs) and i put on earrings on each of them and walking swag-ly thinking that they are so damn cool ! I WAS WRONG !!! It looked so damn LALA so now i only have one with me, haha ... 

Who should i tag ?' Hmm ... 
Maybe everyone join lah and share with me yours because i love reading the varies answer, hahaha *pervert*
I lazy to come up with more question so pardon me for signing off here yea ! Fong Gong lah ~~~ 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Caroline Ng May Ling said...

After read all, i think u're WEIRD! hahahahhaa!!!! I lol-ed hard wei.

Maple Shuh Hong said...

what is weird habit of urs? Except ur first answer about the question marks, the rest are a same with me! I do stak eng ui some time, pardon me, I dun now why I cant type K()M