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Wind Chime In A Bakery FINALE brought to you by Samsung Galaxy S4 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Finally i'm free from my hectic schedule ... But i did enjoy of being hectic though, love it so much ! (hehe, i obsessed in being busy) So here i am again to get my work done ! 

I mentioned Wind Chime In A Bakery thousand times (in my blog) and so have you check them out ?' They released the last episode/FINALE ! And i was invited to watch the whole series (til the FINALE) at the cinema on 28/08/2013 (Oops !) before it released ... Damn lucky lah ! hehe Yea ... from 28/08 onward, cinema will be playing national song before the movie started (only until 03/09) and i think we are the first who experienced that (our screening session at morning) unless you watched movie on 28/08 midnight ?' haha I do feel annoyed when the news released but ... It was okay though because they didn't play the whole national song and we don't have to stand long time or even still (no one is watching you) and the most lucky thing is they didn't insisted us to sing along like those time when we assembled at the school hall every Monday morning, lol ... 

I allowed to bring +1 so i asked my pretty friend to join me ... 
Sorry if the picca(s) not up to your level because the lighting is not taking my camera's side, >...< 
Picca(s) session with the cast before the screening started :-

I'm so proud of myself that Koe Yeet aka Sue remembered me and greet me passionately ! (Don't be jealous, hehe) Sorry that the photo with her is not really presentable (blur) but still wanna upload it here, wahahaha ... She even told me that i can take picca(s) with her until i really satisfied and happy with what and how i look like in the picca, hehe ... :P 
Present to you three pretties in da house, wahahhaah ... 
(Ignore my double eyelid tape, damnit) 
 We also took with Nabil aka Adam but failed so here is candid from IsaacTan ...
This two tall guys ! 
Before movie screening, i saw them and i know that the Indian (real name is Adam) is one of the cast and wanted to take picca with him but he seems so busy mingle around, hahah ~ I saw the white shirt guy and i find him so familiar so i afraid that he might be someone i met in person so i decided to ignore him (i always wait people to greet me first because i don't want to be in awkward situation) and when i saw him getting interview by i-don't-know-where-they-came-from and i started to realized that i never met him in person before but in those episode i watched, wtf >...< Still managed to take picca(s) with him after the screening ! hehe Their interaction kinda remind me of ... No lah ~ I mean CN Blue's Yong Hwa oppaaaa ! :P 
The Violin-nist ?! 

Movie screening started :-
 Coke & Popcorn ... 
#vivianmunmun [Instagram] 
 #MC of the day ... 
They are performing the opening song of the Wind Chime In A Bakery's episode, I will never skip the song whenever i watched the episode(s), NEVER ! (except i'm in hurry, :P) Because of long-awaited FINALE, i kinda forget how and what is the opening song when MC said they gonna be performing it, LOL ! But when they started, i got goose bumps on every inches of my skin man and it is LIVE !!! How can you miss it ?' *applause* 

Really lucky that we get to watched the FINALE before it released and wanna know my comments about it ?' Go watch it and you will never disappointed with it ! You won't smashed you phone/tablet or laptop ! 

After screening mean picca(s) again :- 
(The lighting made us so un-glam :( )
#Jinz ?' #Jen ?' #Zin ?' 
He looked buff-er in the movie but more handsome in person, wahahah *stalker mode* 
 We got 4 red bean buns which i've finished it ... :P 
 And also one "anti-dust studs" which i also use it on my phone already ... :P 

Samsung Malaysia YouTube Channel :-

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 1 : The Loss

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 2 : The Love

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 3 : The Leaving

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 4 : The Lost and The Found

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 5 : The Familiar Face

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 6 : The Revelation

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 7 : The Bad News

Wind Chime In A Bakery - Episode 8 : The Dream

End this post with our selca ...
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Have  A Nice Day ... ❤

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