Monday, October 14, 2013

Benefit September Babies Party with GimmeBrow ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Went to benefit's September babies party even though i'm a March babies (for your secret information) and thanks Yuh Juinn for the invitation ! I bet everyone/ladies (almost) heard about benefit right ?' The POREfessional ?' Yea ... Guess what ?' They gonna launch a new brow's product soon which name "Give Me Brow" ?' (if i didn't mistaken) and it will give you a brow if you don't have one or have no idea how to create a brow with eyebrows pencil/gel, powder and mascara then here is the product for you which require no skill at all but only tap and blend ! Easy right ?' Hope i can get a hand on it ...
#1Utama benefit outlet 
 Pigeon from the Magician ... 
#Before                              #After 
#Wilee trying out the brow product/service ...
Other than the brow product & services (brow waxing), we also get to try their products out (and here you can see how hard working their staffs are ! Hard sell dao ...) so after the snacks time, i wanted to have some lippie on because of the snacks (strawberry dipped with chocolate) i have to wipe my lippie off due to the chocolate ! So as i stepped in from the snacks area, a (hard sell) staff come to me so i shamelessly tell her i wanted to try some lippie on so she recommended me benetint (red), chachatint (orange) and posietint (pink). She applied the benetint (red) on me because me being indecisive (wanted to try chachatine - orange but thinking that my makeup of the day not really suit it and posietint - pink is a little too sweet for my look and blah blah blah) and this product is applicable for cheeks and lips ! Before-and-after picca(s) is available below.
#After Benetint (red) with Lip Gloss ...  
RM 100 ++ 
#posietint (pink) #chachatint (orange) #benetint (red) 
Tried out High Beam (which is a highlighter) ... Any different ?' 

Random picca(s) :-
 So-called "sha po" ... Trying out the body balm !
 For fun ! Photo credited to #PaigeShem with my camera :P 
 Spot the different ?' Knuckle part ?' (without rose) after (with rose) before 
#LashofTheDay ... #KOJI #LashConcierge  
#NoseofTheDay ...
#YuhJuinn (wanted to chop her legs off :P) 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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