Monday, October 21, 2013

#ChurpOut2013 ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Gonna blog about #ChurpOut2013 today and i know a lots of you couldn't make it because it is too far (Shah Alam area) and i have to admit that even though i've made it there >...< Wanted to go so badly because those famous bloggers are selling theirs pre-loved stuffs in a much cheaper price(s) and also get 'attract' by #reubenkang (get to know from the Reverse Bungee's banner) ! I wanted to meet him ... Obviously i watch their video(s) and #reubenkang is so CUTE (maybe because of his size), omg >...< But due to some misconception by my friend, we couldn't stay until we get to see him :( Is okay ! I think i will meet him someday (i think so lah) ... xD 

Carol was there (with us ?') with her boyfriend, Eric Lee who is one of the comic bloggers and because of her, we get sheltered ourselves from the big SUN ... :* Didn't managed to 'gossip' with her, damn sad xD We/Everyone gossip but we don't hurt peoples ! Seems like it take forever for three of us to get a hangout session, wtf. :( Okay, Picca(s) time ! 

Picca(s) with Cheesie & Audrey :-
P.S. :-
I did take picca with Audrey but it didn't turned out decent enough for me to post it up here :( They are considered as petite in size so you can't blame me for looking so huge beside them >...< ! 

Picca(s) of US :-
Carol took for me one ... So pretty ! :*  
Took it under the SUN so don't blame us for not opening the eyes !   
Guess who is the one holding the paper fan behind me ?' Is #dankhoo :O  
I have no idea what's wrong with the picca (maybe my camera get a sunburn before me) ... 
Carol ... (yerrr ~ see the hair xD) 

Picca(s) with the comic bloggers :-
#EricLee #Backstage xD 

Picca(s) with YouTuber :-
(hope will be more than one next time, hehe)
He said it is too hot to put the cap on so ... xD 

Others (from ChurpChurp's page) :-
I wish i could stay longer til ... 

End the post with ...
Nice mah ?' I took one ~ with SilvianaLim
 Hat On ~ bye

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 


jessY said...

hey there. i saw your link on churpchurp fb page. gosh didnt know that i would actually spot my face at your blog. haha. looks like you had fun :)

Nizam Ijam said...

i tak nampak u... HAHAHA