Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HedKandi Pool Party with Pink&Proper bikini at aloft, MaiBar ... ❤

Taken by Amelie Yap's TR
Howdy guys ... :) 

Let's talk about weekend(s), shall we ?' Wanted to share about my past (4) weekends and it is all about bikini(s) and they (bikinis) are from Pink&Proper, check their website and shop for the collections ! Excited ?' lol Actually before this, i never thought of myself with just bikini on because i always wanted to avoid the sun/suntanned as (blind) peoples keep telling me i looked like Malay or even thought that i'm a Malay and straight away talk to me in Malay, wtf. (It's not about racist though, f-y-secret-i) Furthermore, not having a slim body also one of the reason for never go for bikini(s). So when Carol asked me to replace her as the bikini model, i was indecisive whether to go for it and embarrassed myself (i know you might feel lame for keep bringing back the topic but ...) but eventually i made it ! I finished the show and it's passed ! Phew >...< And tell you what girls, be confident no matter what size you are in because size 12 is returned (for example like Jennie Runk who is featured on the H&M's plus size swimwear campaign) but it didn't mean you can eating as much junkies as you like lah ! Some girls (like me) just born with fats ... :P

The Pink&Proper fashion show is my very first time putting on a bikini and also got my very first bikini (thanks Pink&Proper) ! This is the first weekend with (4 sets which i was showcasing them) bikinis ... Second weekend is to LWOT's trip, putting on bikini and enjoyed all those awesome hot springs/spa (i uploaded the picca in my Instagram but more to come in my blog, no worry) ! Third weekend will be in this post which is the HedKandi pool party which sponsored by Pink&Proper so we got invited to party in there, woohooo (non-alcoholic girls party) ! The fourth weekend with bikini which just happened yesterday (05th of Oct) with KissXe, running around with just bikini, queuing for games in just bikini and etc. Stay tuned for the blog post ! And here you go for the month's weekend recap so i hope it will end here for the-intimacy-with-bikinis, hahahaha ~ 

So back to the subject of the post, trying to recall as much as i can ! 
It was totally not a good day but wasn't that bad also lah due to this and that especially people(s) who pissed me off but not gonna mention any of that here because i've promised myself to be always mercy to girls so now you know i'm actually addressing to some girls out there who is close with me, hahah ... And really thanks to the founder of Pink&Proper (if i didn't mistaken) for sending me home that night (even though the driver (is a he not she) is quite hmm ... but still thanks) >...< So let's the party begins (i mean piccas) ! Oh wait ~ I forgot my camera that night, fml so almost all the photos are not taken by me and really thanks Amelie Yap & Chency and also Choulyin for being so generous to take my portraits with theirs TR (made me wanna have one too  >...<) & camera :* 
#MaiBar #aloftkl
 I swear i didn't notice there is a pervert (he is bartender though) in front of me that time ... 
Picking bikini for the night ... 

After changed into the sponsored bikini :-
Love this so much ! Thanks Amelie Yap ...  
Picca with pretty and tall angel (the one behind with the pink wings) ... 
 Shamelessly ask the angel to take my #ootd :D taken by my phone 
*i did take a picca with angel but it doesn't look good on both of us >...<*
#CloseUp taken by my phone 

After that we go chit chat, selca-ing almost all the time but never plan to go into the pool because we don't wanna to get messy but in the end ... The worse thing of all is the complimentary drinks are all alcoholic (if i didn't mistaken) and we all are like thirsty til thinking to go up to the next table's (hot) guy(s) and ask them for a treat of coke or mineral water ! (you must be wondering why don't we get it ourselves right ?' Maybe ...) The price of coke or even mineral water cost RM10++ per bottle/tin, wtf. (That's why) ! But in the end, really thanks to Vivien (the founder of Pink&Proper) for getting us free drinks but limited to once only (but still graceful) ! And we go like "CHEEEEEERRRRR ~" xD
 Girls' night ! Check that view out ~ at aloft rooftop MaiBar
#Chency #FrankieRoseUni #Wendy 
#withVivien taken by Choulyin
#Mermaid *ignore my pose coz mermaid can't stand :D*

If not getting into the pool then what's the point for going to a pool party ?' After quite a while, we (finally) decided to get into the pool and i think i really should go learn how to swim >...< (i might look like i know how to dance in a club, swim, good in drinking and etc. but NO, sorry) When i was watching my steps and carefully get into the pool, i feel a force that shoving me and i missed my steps and after that i found a bruise on my hand, wtf. haha Still a great night overall and i know who did it ! *Chuck's smile* 
#Shasha #Chency #Amelie #Frankie #Choulyin 
*Still taking selfies non-stop while in the water :P* 

That's the wrap for the night ! 
I have so much fun with ma girls and thanks for Pink&Proper for the gorgeous bikini(s) (all the girls bikini are from them) and the invitation as well ! Till next time :) xoxo

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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