Sunday, October 20, 2013

#MakeUp & #OOTD of the weekend ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

It is Sunday's night (no qualm that i'm having Monday Blue already) and so far the (this) weekend is pretty great to me but there is one and only annoying thing came to me is the freaking mensus which make me suffer in cramps and i hope i will be able to sleep well tonight :( Went to #ChurpOut2013 and #DefineMusic on Saturday and today is more like a hangout day for us, girls and i hope all of us do enjoyed nia ! Sorry if i'm being impolite today >...< 

Gonna share the (this) weekend #ootd because i, myself, personally like it so much, haha ... 
Yesterday was the first day for me to attend event(s) after getting the new haircut (bangs) and i really have a bad/hard time with it :( Whenever i let my bangs down, my forehead will start sweating and i really can't help it from wiping it away so my bangs never in place especially when the events held outdoor >...< 

Saturday :-
Stay Tuned for my #ChurpOut2013's post for more this outfit's pic >...< 

 Sunday :-

Cosmetic Products' List :-
benefit POREfessional from Vanity Trove 
Air BB Cream from Hada Labo 
HD Flawless BB Cream from O'slee 
Heavy Rotation Face Powder from Kiss Me 
Eye Shadow Base from CANMAKE 
Eye Shadow Palette from CANMAKE 
(Brown) Eye Shadow from MARY QUANT 
(White) Eyeliner Pencil from CANMAKE
(Bronze Brown) Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow from BCL 
Heroine Make Kiss Me Long/Volume & Curl Mascara from Kiss Me 
Lash Sculpture long separate Mascara from BCL
Eyeliner from Dolly Wink 
(Pink) Blush from CANMAKE 
(Pink) Whip Mousse Lip from CANMAKE 
(Highlighter + Contour-er) Dimensional Face Creator from Aupres 

We went to my all-time-favorite-bagel-cafe (Hartamas shopping mall) and had our lunch there and all the old memories keep 'haunting' me and see few of the juniors who is wearing the college jumpers which made me really wanna go back to those time ... 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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