Saturday, October 12, 2013

MakeUp with bangs on ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

See what is on my forehead ?' Bangs ?!! Finally decided to get a haircut and really thanks for the saloon still willing to take my hair even after i told them that i haven't wash my hair for like one-week-time, wtf. (or maybe because i pay ?') hahah The hairdresser of this haircut is really impressed me on the way he do my fringe part ! You guys should really try it (if only you know who is the hairdresser) but i'm not mentioning here because you know lah ... For the tress part, i actually told/request him that "Never go above the boobs ..." and he goes right after the boobs and i was shocked died when i found out (bend my hand backward and trying to grab some hair ?') I used to be able to touch/grab my hair effortlessly whenever i bend my hand backward ... :( Never mind, i will grow them back, LOL (see how lah) !

Don't tell me nice or not nice (even though i wanted to know) ... 

Gonna do another makeup's post with my new bangs (or maybe just an excuse to show off nice selca :D) and it is "natural look" look ! Be aware that this makeup might look sweet on me (only because my bangs) but it look normal on without-bangs-persons. (i forgot my eyeliner for this look >...<)
Bangs required high maintenance so i didn't really bother to style it because i'm not heading out so pardon me for the messy hair (but still look great right ?'xD) and i sincerely hope those who (gonna) help me take photos (on events or etc.) will tell me that my fringe is not in place >...<
Trying to do some Halloween makeup but failed ...  

Products :-
From left (pink) to right (white) :-
- Whip Mousse Lip from CANMAKE 
- Heavy Rotation Coloring Brow from Kiss Me 
- Heroine Make Volume & Curls Mascara from Kiss Me (Upper Eyelashes)
- Heroine Make Long & Curls Mascara from Kiss Me (Upper Eyelashes)
- Lash Sculpture Long Separate Mascara from BCL (Lower Eyelashes)
- Eyeliner Pencil from CANMAKE (Inner corner of my eyes)

 -Color palettes from MARY QUANT (Brown - Eye Shadow) 
-Eye Primer from CANMAKE 
- Eye Shadow from CANMAKE 

- Dimensional Face Creator from Aupres (highlighter and contour-er) 
- POREfessional from VanityTrove 
- BB Cream HD Flawless from O'slee 
- Air BB Cream from Hada Labo 
- Heavy Rotation Face Powder from Kiss Me

 Have A Nice Day ... 

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