Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Men ?' Sex ?' Crotch ?' Bikini ?' Carrie ?' ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 
Gonna do a short update before i go 'fainted' ... *i think i'm addicted to blogging dy ?! Is it a good thing or bad one ?'* The picca is from #ChurpOut2013's post and taken by Caroline :* Pretty right ?' :P

I'm practicing to read articles from Yahoo (because my office mail is on Yahoo xD) every morning to improve my broken (pasar) English and i went into this which i find it super interesting ! xD I like to read this kind of psychological?!'s articles ! "Why Do Men Pay For Sex ?" You guys should definitely go through it and share with me your opinion(s) (maybe lah, not necessarily since i'm nobody), perhaps ?' My opinion(s) toward it is that Yea ... I have to admitted that girls (especially me ?') can be tedious to deal with sometimes (or probably most of the time) but in the end you will have someone with you no matter what happened (most of the case lah) ! If you go for "paid-girls" then i'm pretty sure you will end up "forever alone" ... Do they talk to you in the middle of the night when you need somebody to turn to ?' Someday/Somehow you will realized what you've missed ! Good Luck for all those ... 

I've eaten lots of cake ! After the #LuxMelaka's trip, i've been craving for Carrot cake since then and finally i took all the courage it needed (i tried several cakes from there and it all disappointed me) and ordered a slice of it from Secret Recipe and Aww >...< It didn't taste as good as the #LuxMelaka one ! But luckily i have my all-time-favorite Chocolate Indulgence to wash away the "meh" taste of the Carrot Slice xD And it was my sister's birthday (21st of Oct) so i guess her bf got her a whole "bulat" of cake so of course i have to taste it lah ... hahaha 

I've finished reading "CARRIE" before the movie release (which will be soon) in the cinema(s) ... (Y) I'm gonna watch it for sure even alone (i don't care watching movie alone geh) ... From the title, no doubt that the main role is a girl who named "Carrie" and it is all about her ! After reading it, i have to tell that the ending is YUCK (or maybe just me ?!') because Carrie died ?!! And i have to say that the author gone a little too far from imaginations of which highly unlikely to happened even with a person "blessed" with super duper (strong) telekinesis ... I'm quite interested with how is the movie gonna be ?' Exactly same like the book or what did they alter ?' 

Halloween is just around the corner and i still have no idea about how and what i'm gonna be emulating ! HELP ~~~ I'm thinking to do a normal makeup and outfit just like usual but put on (maybe) a/some Halloween's hair ornament(s) like hairband ?' >...< 

For your secret information, Pink&Proper's bikini fashion show video is out ! Check their FaceBook's page out or maybe check it out on YouTube and let me know what you think please >...< *butterflies in every organs of my body* 

While i walking to the designated venue to meet my sister up, i saw (actually i always see this) a man grabbing his crotch ! wtf. I have no idea why men like to do that IN PUBLIC ?!!!! Are they checking whether their 'bird' did fly away or WHAT ?' Is it because of itchiness on that area ?' Or maybe the hairs stuck somewhere that make you feel uncomfortable with walking ?' Then can you fucking just walk to a toilet (with brisk walking or slow as shit) and do it in a cubicle or even just behind the male's toilet door ?' Anyways, it is a good way to turn a girl off ... 

I used to be this thin ... fml. 
Look at the waist, thigh, face and etc. :( 

Good Night ... 
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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