Thursday, October 10, 2013

NNFoodFest at Sunway Pyramid ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Went to #NNFoodFest with Paige Shem right after the KissMe's party as it is open for public (as long as you have Twitter, Facebook account or an iPhone) and it is at Sunway Pyramid (Kiss Me's party held in Sunway Lagoon) ! Wherever there is free food, i will be there ! lol It is a real interesting event when you can get free (samples) foods by just liked their FaceBook's page/tweeted about them or scan their QR code ! No any penny needed throughout the events (except the photobooth) ! There is a lot of booth and i swear you can get full if you were there and with empty stomach but unfortunately i filled my stomach with more proper lunch already BUT still able to taste some of the foods from #NNFoodFest lah ~

If you wondering, hairdo done by one of the makeup artist from KissMe's party and makeup done by me ...

After registered :-
Call Me maybe ... 





i've tried it lots of time but i find no reason to return and purchase ... 

After done with all the eating, we decided to head over the stage area and have a 'hear' on the Brian's presentation who is a food blogger and he shared the skills/techniques for taking good-looking food 'selca' ! Which is quite fruitful if you are a food blogger or intends to be one ! He likes to take food 'selca' in portraits mode instead of landscape ... (sorry ! i forgot his website already) And those food picca(s) he showed us are really 'stunning' even just roti canai, wtf. right ?' After that, there is games and also bloggers-cooking-session by Maggi but i can't stay til that late so miss it >...< #cheechingy was cooking ! She is a very cute person and i like her so much especially after you have a "yam-cha" session with her and it is also my honor lah hehe

Carol look so fragile here >...<
With #cheechingy 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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