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September's Favorite ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

It is the 4th of October which mean 2013 gonna end after 2 months time and i'm going away from my 20 (years old) and stepping into my 21 (years old) ! Aww >...< fml. I done nothing ! Not even get myself a partner, wtf. (ahahahahha) Anyway, kick started this post with a stunning selca ! Hope you stunned there, please hahahaha No edit one (if i didn't mistaken, Oh My Brain) ! While getting excited for tomorrow party, let me share my September's Favorite items which all sponsored (only sponsored will be mention, sorry) ! It's gonna be about all those items i used and liked/liking so if your products not mentioned, it doesn't mean i don't like it, it's just a matter of time due to i only have one face ?' (maybe lur !) No ranking yea, It is randomly uploaded (the picca's sequence) ... 

It is mostly about cosmetics but STILL there is one or two items categorized in toiletries so if you don't do makeup, you will still able to get something you needa a try here ! As i mentioned, i used/using the items so it may be dirty from fingerprints or little stained here and there, i really hope you wouldn't mind about that because i'm using it mah :( So let's see what are those items !

Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow (Bronze Brown) from BCL
 This one really make everyone (who do makeup) life easier than ever ! You don't have to apply like layers/varies of eye shadows to create those natural smokey eyes especially when you are rushing or lazy early in the morning ! I used it once and i super like how it looked like but i didn't take picca(s) on it because i was having flu on the way back to KL from Tambun which made me just wanna sleep ! ftw. 

Browlash Ex Lash Sculpture (130% Long) from BCL 
 I used it once as well for my bottom lashes and i like it ... I think i applied it on last Saturday (which mean benefxt & HedXandi 's event) but it didn't really give dramatic lashes but separate lashes for sure ! I will try to make more makeup's post with these items like here (not makeup tutorials, don't mistaken !) 

Cream Cheek from CANMAKE 
 I got the darker (pink) shade quite a while already but not the light (pink) shade ... I wore it on #definemy party, check it out ! It is not really showing in the picca(s) but look good in real and natural ! Good for first time date, wahhahaah ... The darker (pink) shade will show more in picca(s) and i use this almost all the time ! 

Gradation Wink from CANMAKE
 Thanks CANMAKE for sent me this and finally i make some effort on my upper eyelids (makeup)! It actually designed to done your eye shadows part with just one swipe (swipe your fingers with the three shadows lah) which i never try before because i don't wanna take any risk on needa to remove the makeup including base >...< But you can give it a try when you are free and for sure darker color will be the nearer to your eyelashes ! 

 I like to use the brown color (eye shadow) to top up an layer on the darker shade part of the eye shadows because the color is more showing (after the Gradation Wink) ! I used the blush before but i can't remember i wore it on what event (i think is the #StarServe)

Eyeliner Pencil from CANMAKE
 This is for the inner corner and (maybe) the lower waterline of your eyes (i never dare to put anything on lower waterline >...<) BUT i fully utilize it until my eyebags area ! hahahaha Check it out on the selca of this post (i used it on the makeup) Super duper love it !

Whip Mousse Lip from CANMAKE
 I love the color so much because it is so pink and i love to use it on the inner corner of my lips and with nude color lippie lining the outer corner of my lip to create those korean gradation lips ! hehe 

#01 Lash Concierge from KOJI 
 Lash Concierge is designed for office ladies or those who wanna look natural and indeed, it looked so damn natural ! I know it is quite pricey but it definitely worth the price and you have to try it ... Check out the selca of the post because i did put them on ! I love it but it didn't really showing in the picca(s) especially when the photo is taken from a distance (not too far lah ! Too far what also cannot see lah) >...< 

Tsururi from BCL 
 This is a scrub which can be use on body and face ... Please wet your skin before you start scrubbing with it, if not it will be too rough for your skin and you will literally feel the pain (friction forces) ! When i first tried on the texture for this products (with my hand dry), it hurts me because it is so rough and when the sensei recommended us to use it everyday because our skin is quite oily and i was like "Are you kidding me ?' Or are you trying to deteriorate our skin because you're jealous ?'" haha I used it because i wanted to scrub my bikini lines (used it after body wash) and amazingly it doesn't hurt at all (of course lah)

Mythic Oil from Loreal Professionnel 
This is from the "Survival Kit" and i really love how it does magics on my hair ! But i realized the shampoo doesn't do the cleaning job well enough because my scalp still itchy after using it and not much foams forming though ! But even with the shampoo itself, it is a magic already so i guess i will still go back to it once a while lah but i use the masque every times after shampoo-ing my hairs ! It smell good too ... 

Dove Beauty Nourishing 
I remembered i've used their body wash before (long time ago) and it formed a (transparent) layer on my skin (which intends to lock your moisture) which made me feel uncomfortable with it so i stopped until i get a hand on this new Dove body wash, i really love it but the sad thing is it running out real soon (i have been using it quite a while lah) ! It smells so good which inspired me to take bath, haha ! There is no layer(s) on it after bath(s) and it really does what it stated which gives moisture to your skin because i don't feel the need of putting lotion on after rinsed ! 

That's all for my September's Favorite and i can't wait to sleep now, lol ... 
Excited for tomorrow (morning) party, stay tuned yea ! 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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