Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff Blamed Malaysian Women for Sex Crimes ... ?!"

I went through an article this morning and i still FURIOUS when i re-read it especially when i'm cropping & editing the picca(s) for this blog post ! It happened on July but obviously no one gave any (BIG) responses on it (it proved by i know NO thing about it before this) ... Let's see what is the sentence that i'm enraged at !

To the so-called Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff (i have no idea who is she) :-
I would like to tell you that your sentence have proven you're born with NO BRAIN ! You are a lady/girl/woman (probably woman)  but you take no side on us - girls (i assumed the so-called Siti is a gal lah) and blamed us for the "indecent clothing" ?!' Before i say or even curse about it, let me illustrate it to you ! If all of us put on the very DECENT clothing like you do (i'm expecting tudung & baju kurung), is that mean no raping crime(s) will ever take place again ?' I SWEAR TO GOD that there is NO SUCH THING ! IT WILL STILL HAPPEN FOR SURE ! Don't trust me ?' Let's put on a bet man ! But not with all of us putting on your so-called DECENT clothing but you and your DECENT clothing persons stay with guys where rapists are included and let's see what will be happening ! AND HOW ON EARTH VICTIM NEED TO TAKE THE BLAME/RESPONSIBILITY ON BEING RAPED BY RAPIST ?' It is like you get kidnapped and ask to pay the ransom but you blame yourself for being so RICH ... Is that even making any sense ?' wtf. THE STUPID AFFIRMATION I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS !

Let's define the meaning for DECENT in clothing !
DECENT clothing mean you dressed well/up for the occasions NOT covering all up even in a beach ... I preferred that is the so-called stupid instead of DECENT !

Rape Culture means ...
Can you believe this ?' This mean from now on, all of us - girls (or even aunties maybe) have to prepare ourselves for getting rape at least once in the lifetime (as it is inevitable) ! wtf. There is no way we are practicing rape culture ! NOT EVEN A BIT OF IT !!!!! Should have just launch emasculate's rule(s).  

Good one, so-called Siti ! Victim-blaming.

What is that mean girls are "rape-able" ?' I guess the so-called Siti is totally agree with this point (proven by the sentence she said) while others (girls) are totally oppose about it ! So i guess you - rapist knows who to go for when you have your carnal desire ... I think the rapist should have the FULL responsibility/blame on this criminal because if it is slut then they will never complain about getting raped, am i right ?'

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This blog post is simply based on my own opinion. 
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