Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Most Mind-Fucked Questions in the World (Girls) ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

How is your Sunday ?' Mine is quite lonely?!' No ! I'm actually quite enjoyed being alone on the Sunday; watching (horror) movie alone, shop some groceries, have some favorite dessert alone and etc. If you think that alone = lonely, then i have to say you got no brain (sorry for being rude but it is truth) ! The only moment(s) when i feel/felt lonely is when i'm wanted to eat (and there is no food available for me in da house) and no one get it for me (especially midnight xD) !

I watched Sarako 2 (at 2pm ?') and i'm wondering why Japanese's horror always connected to the phone ?' I'm pretty sure there is gonna have episode 3 (no idea when) and it gonna be about phone as well (if i didn't mistaken lah, i assumed it from the end of the movie which mean sneak peek for the next episode) but overall it is quite shocking (by the sound) instead of really horror ! Hmm ... And it is quite touching as well ! Can you imagine when you going for a horror movie but in the end you burst into tears ?' >...<

The Most Mind-Fucked Questions in the World (Girls) :-
1. Have you poo yet ?'
This is one of them and really mind-fucking when it come up to you by itself in the mind >...< What you can do is pretend you never 'heard' it and let it be ! If you don't poo in the morning then definitely you will feel like pooing somewhere/when in the afternoon so til then just poo loh ! haha

2. Is my mensus coming soon ?'
To be honest, i never bothered to mark down when/what date is my mensus coming. The reason is very simple because it, itself never be punctual (depending on your diet/lifestyle) so why am i bothered to care about it ?' And it is not that when you remember you-and-it monthniversary then it will treat you better like no cramps or pain so yeap xD Just be aware when you feel like something coming out from your xxx or your inner thigh feeling sticky ... hahahahahha 

3. To Be Continued ...

Happy No Bra Day for ladies ... 
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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