Sunday, November 10, 2013

CARRIE 2013 ... ❤

Howdy guys...  :)

Spent my Saturday night with CARRIE and gonna spend another hours to blog about it before I hit the bed and lost all the memories... *it does happened. Haha*

I've mentioned that I finish reading the book and I'm so excited to watch the movie right?!' I missed the premiere screening so have to pay for it lur...  :( BUT it's okay because it totally worth it and I enjoyed every bits of it. It is totally recommended even for someone like Carol - who afraid of spookiness Because it is not spooky at all but a little scary instead. Due to the cruelty from the telekinesis girl, the way she lash out the revenge...  *but I enjoyed it :P*

I told you right?! I Don't like the ending but there is nothing gonna change the ending due to all she'd has done. She should have control herself and just get to the 'culprits' and torture every single bits of them and live a life with the wonderful / powerful telekinesis. I'm gonna do a little comparison of it and the book. Will it be any different?!'

Of course there is.
I quite fancy the opening of the movie by the momma giving birth of the child herself (this wasn't the beginning of the book). I was wondering How they gonna carry out the fact that the momma actually thought herself having cancer in the stomach instead of pregnancy. And also they (the movie crew) added some thrill on it by having the baby almost killed. *Imma such a spoiler*

Please tell your kids that there is a thing  called period/mensus. haha I also like the part How they carry out CARRIE discovered herself is "bleeding" - mensus. Of course this part show the talent/skill of acting on CARRIE - Chloe Moretz *applause* But the way CARRIE shower is a little erotic/sexy to me instead of a "ugly duck" ... Watching this kind of exotic high school movie, make me wondering what character will I slid into if I'm one of them... Is it the CARRIE as an "ugly duck" who got bully every day?!' Of course No telekinesis existed. Or maybe Sue Snell?! - a pretty girl who is popular in the school and get to date the popular & handsome guy in the school. Probably not. Evil Chris?!' NO WAY that I will make myself into this kind of evil character Because I hate bullying! Probably just some normal/mediocre pupil who Don't even get a date for the prom/get a chance to be involved in the

And they actually trying to make Chris a good gal because in the book the "Pig's blood for Pig" 's idea is actually came from Chris but in this movie they made it from Billy - who is Chris's Bf. But of course Chris still a bad one Because she took video when CARRIE struggling with the "bleeding" and posted it up on the net and dubbed it as 'Bloody Mary' and so dimwit that she didn't even bothered to delete the video from her phone,hahahhaha.

When it comes to the Climax, Sue shows up in the prom instead of discovering the fires in her place which make me more thrill for wondering How they gonna twist the plot or maybe Sue managed to get Chris before she got a hand on the string (of the pig's blood bucket) but ... It's sad. I think if they managed to crowned themselves and get home safe, they will become a couple sooner or later. haha. Infidelity.

Not revealing How they end it up... 
Go watch. It is recommended (from me) even for those who've read the book. 

I wanna talk about the actors they've put into those characters. 
I was wondering How (popular and pretty) Sue Snell gonna look like?! How (popular and handsome) Tommy Ross gonna look like?! And who will be the ugly duck?! I quite disappointed on Sue and Tommy looked like because they are not that pretty and handsome for the characters. But for CARRIE WHITE, I'm totally buying it. In the beginning, I really think she is a ugly duck Because of... the features?! (No. They are looking good on her face.)  The physique?! (No. They are quite slender.) Maybe the way she walk and the HAIRS. haha Their hairs really annoyed me even Sue one. But after watching her for a while, you will realized she is pretty in real life even before the prom's Makeover and she is Chloe Moretz.

Lesson of the movie:-
NO BULLYING or else you will end up like Chris.

I think I need my bed now...
Goodnight! ❤ 


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koey leow said...

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