Monday, November 4, 2013

[ENTRY] Why I Wanna Party With KINOHIMITSU ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Remember there was two (2) or even more entries for The Butterfly Project's review program(s) ?' I was lucky (or maybe i'm just excellent :P) to get picked for their review program on those i participated ! They will have different review program for every month (of course there are exceptions) and i didn't join the last month one because i'm aghast on what we gonna do at the party >...< But this month (even though i'm a bit LATE), i'm gonna join for sure because THERE WILL BE HUNKS/HOT GUYS DANCING maybe in just boxer(s) ?' OMG ! *pervert mode*

I'm suck at editing picca so please pardon me and please do read WHY I WANNA PARTY WITH KINOHIMITSU ...
To be honest, i've only tried their J'pan UV-Bright Drink & J'pan ProWhite and TELL YOU WHAT ?' I'm super duper in love with it especially the J'pan ProWhite ! Why ?' Because it's taste candy-like (i've mentioned it) and i'm sure everyone will never failed to get it into their before-bed-routines ! So why i wanna party with KINOHIMITSU when i've only acknowledged their UV drink ?' BECAUSE I WANNA KNOW MORE ABOUT KINOHIMITSU's PRODUCTS and find out is it all of them taste good ?!!!' (i will let you know yea) haha

Furthermore, the party theme gonna be Hawaii style ! How can i miss it even though i have no idea what to wear (obviously i don't have coconuts and the grass skirt) BUT i wanna to join and take picca(s) and of course will try my best to dress up to the theme >...< And watch HUNKS ! kekekkeke



Wish Me Luck ... 
Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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