Sunday, November 3, 2013

Hennessy Artistry KL at The Mines on 2nd of November ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

[PERSONAL] Gonna blog about H-Artistry night (which happen yesterday) before my memory failed on me ... xD 
It was the worst night ever yet fun ! Worst part is that i had to wait at the train station for almost freaking TWO (2) hours for Carol's friend(s) to pick me up, wtf. Can you imagine a girl standing/waiting at the train station alone for two (2) hours ?! wtf man. I nearly burst into TEARS last night at the train station there ! First time ever getting this kind of 'treatment' ! fucking Lesson learned ! Can't resist myself for growing hatred towards GUYS ! GODDAMNIT 

Apart from that, they dropped me by somewhere so that i could reach the venue earlier and get the invitation(s) from friend who is already in there and GUESS WHAT ?' I freaking FELL DOWN because of the asphalt and (don't know how many inches) heels and wounded my knee, what a night man. Luckily the staff there managed to get me a plaster but i really don't know how to take care of wound ! Probably the same exact plaster will be still on after few days or even years, hahahah [PERSONAL]

This is my first time joining H-Artistry night ... 
I know it is pretty normal that ONE kind of thing happened at these kind of clubbing events so i shall not mentioned this ONE kind of thing because i bet almost every guys do this ... So girls bring your guys friends/boyfriends along or maybe 'heaps' of girls and be alert but if you don't mind then enjoy lah ~ haha Anyways, i spotted one (at public zone) who was wearing a black shirt and behind printed 'Hxxxxxxy' (a liquor brand, f-y-secret-i) ... Hmm ! I think someone have to take caution on theirs 'em' ! BUT I'M SO LUCKY THAT I GOT A O ZONE MEDIA PASSES FROM MANOAH CONSULTANCY ... 

Enough from 'sharing my opinion', let's see some picca(s) ... 
#FrankieRoseUni - me #ChoulyinTan #AngelineNg #CharmainePua 
#AngelineNg #FrankieRoseUni-me #Vivien 
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#Nicole #Caroline 

After some (pretty) picca(s), let me tell you the fun part of the night ... 
I'm sure you all gonna be 'pek chek' like we were ! Carol was (somehow) DRUNK due to someone (Ben) passed her an alcoholic-drink and she drank it and drunk ... hahahaah En route going home, she started to tell that she is hungry, so so so hungry so we asked her what she want to eat and GUESS WHAT SHE SAID ! freaking ICE CREAM ! hahahahah She keep repeated that she wanted to have ICE CREAM so we ask her what flavor she want ... Either Strawberry or Chocolate ?' and she said "MC FLURRY ..." hahahahha But in the end we got her the orea ice cream from MCDonald and it is not the end yet ! 

When we arrived at the Drive Thru and started to join the queue ... 
Carol: "What are we waiting for again ?'" 
Guy: "Get you ice cream ! You ask for it what ?'" 
Carol: "Huh ?' But i can't have Ice Cream ho ..." 
*BURST INTO LAUGHTER* *swerving the car and out from the Drive Thru's queue* 
Guy: "So we are going home now ... No Ice cream yea !*
Carol: "Huh ?' Then i don't have anything to eat ... " 
In the end the guy still got her ice cream and GUESS WHAT AGAIN ?' 
Carol: "Bu Yao Gen Wo De BaBa MaMa Jiang Wo Lai Dong Xi De Shi Hou Chi Ice Cream ... - Don't tell my parents that i'm having Ice Cream while mensus !" *laugh die* 

Was so lucky that Nicole is with us, if not i will be headache til death ... 
I never deal with this kind of handful case, hahahaha ... I bet Carol still didn't know what happened yesterday so here you go Carol, love you :* xDDDD
Hmm ... I forget to get her name >...< 
This is the wrap of the night ...
Anyways, i saw a lots of "corpse" (drunk til unconscious person) ! Hmm ... Do remember Hennessy is preaching RESPONSIBLE AND QUALITY DRINKING and NO DRIVE AFTER DRINKING !

Okay ...
That's all for the H-Artistry night and their hashtag is #HArtistryKL, check it out !

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Cindy Tong said...

laugh die at Carol!!!!!!!!!!

Cindy Tong said...

laugh die at carol drunk moments!

Caroline Ng May Ling said...


Jean said...

hahahahaha.. so this was what happened!!
waited 2 hours was sux, i also don't like waiting! i went 3 times h-artistry before this year, had fun in most cox i normally go with bunch of friends that i am closed with. but last year was so so cox the party ended earlier than we expect due to some unknown reason..