Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lost World of Tambun ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

Caught a cold today and keep sneezing non-stop, wtf. Anyways, here to update another post/the last post for Lost World of Tambun and i hope you do enjoy ! I've promised you that this HOTSPRINGS' post gonna be sexy right ?' Here you go !' I hope it is sexy enough for you lah, don't be too demanding (even though i don't really care what you think :D) !' haha We - bloggers got to put on bikini/swimwear and enjoy the HOTSPRINGS at the night so no worry about getting tanned ! (Y) 

NO CONTACT LENS recommended with hotsprings because i'm pretty sure you don't want to end up looking like you just drank a lots of alcoholic-drinks but can't get drunk - bloodshot eyes (literally RED like shit) and puffy like a boss pair of eyes ! based on own experience

I really had a great night especially there is a girlfriend with you dipping yourself together in the HOTSPRINGS thingy and gossip or even simple chattering ! Not to forget we (me and Carol) stayed up til 2 something in the midnight just to talk (in the room lah) ... hahahaha And ended up with super duper bad condition on the next day >...< All of us had fun, i bet ! I think it will be much more fun if you're going with your usual 'gang' ... hehe

Before we dunk into the HOTSPRINGS, we have BBQ buffet as dinner and also some pampering session ! Aww >...< My brain can't function well now, i should just let the picca(s) do it's job !
from iamStudio 
from iamStudio  
from iamStudio 
Upper-Before / Below-with-wristband--After 
The mask is based on COFFEE and it's able to apply on the face for fairer and smoother skin ... from iamStudio
ignore the layers ... from iamStudio 
from iamStudio 
 I look so thin here >...< 


Move to the next morning before departure back to Kuala Lumpur ... 
Their breakfast served by buffet-type and it's really great for someone who eat lots of breakfast ... There was a lots of choice for my breakfast, there is porridge with 'customize' side dishes, noodles, western breakfast like sausages, ham, bean and etc. I kept eating non-stop and there was an egg counter which served three to four types of eggs so eggs lover like me ... You know lah ! haha  
from iamStudio 
from iamStudio 

Embrace the nature once again (before going back to KL)... 
While we was en route back to the hotel for packing so that we won't be late (but ended up we are the earliest one), we encountered an incident which sent me a cold down to my spine ! I shall 'classify' it as a HARASSMENT ... There was a motorbike coming in before we managed to cross the road to the hotel, and the back seat-er let us a LOUD cry "BABEH ~" which sound literally like he was helping himself out for masturbation and the imaginary sex partner are us ! wtf. Which made/forced us make a 'U-Turn' and only found out he is one of the staff there (he was wearing the brown color uniform which printed LWOF at the back) ! Of course we did complaint about it with who and who, i hope he get fired for God's sake ! 
How i wish i wake up every morning to this ... 

Overall, i had so much fun (except the pervert guy part) and thanks to Tammy and the SWAT team from The Butterfly Project for this 'golden' opportunity ! Click on the LostWorldofTambun tag at the side column or the purple wordings <-- to read all the Tambun's post, :) 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤


Mr Lonely said...

WOW! i went there before but never go in~

Jean said...

me like ur body curve~ sexy la! that's when we meet for the first time! hehe..