Monday, November 18, 2013

Modelling for PnP Bikini Fashion Show ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :)

I've mentioned before (quite sometime already) that i've had modelling for one of the sartorial brand for their bikini collection right ?' And i haven't really share any picture of it so here i am and to be honest ... I'm miss the feeling of 'shine' through the runway ! hahahaha i know i sound pretty silly for you and it is not a real runway, at all. But i miss it ! So i bet the only way to get to experience the feeling again is to slim down >...<

When the video just released, i've watched it and thinking that i did a pretty good job ...
Of course i did a good job but the thing is me being too chubby ! :( Okay ... This is not a glam or even close to chic video BUT it contained our hard worked so take a look and if you pleased then leave a comment about what you think ! :)
Makeover by FibieeLiew 

Just a short update ... 
Have A Good Night ... ❤

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