Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mr. Frankie's Halloween Party with Allianz ... ❤

Mr. Frankie
Howdy guys ... :)

Finally get some time feel like updating again !
What's about my Halloween party with Allianz and fellow bloggers ?' I think i did mention that i'm giving passes away for you guys to join us and some do reverted to me but never show up in the party ! wtf. I HATE PEOPLE FFK and you made me not able to bring my friend, who just came back from other nation and going off soon along ! I shall blacklisted YOU and you know who i'm addressing to, aren't you ?!'

Okay ...
Let's share my Halloween's costume ! In the very first place, i wanted to emulate a guy, a handsome guy so i did some google for the pictures of handsome guys and trying to figure out what kind of makeup they've putted on and what should i do to make myself look exactly like that ! In the end, i failed. :( Maybe my makeup skills are so lousy or maybe i born with a girly contour :P So in the end, i turned out to be more like Jack Sparrow =...= failed. 

I was wearing short instead of long pants to match with my upper body man's outfit because i really can't accept myself for being so manly ... :D And i sprayed a lots for my hairs to stay in the place handsomely :D

All of them - party goers do dressed up !
I'm really admire those who put a lots of effort on their Halloween's makeup ! So shall we start the picca's rolling ?'
Carolyn Tay 
Angeline Ng 
MC of the day ...  
Spot the face ...
Karena Chow  
EvaFoo & her Husband 
Silviana Lim & Edazz 
Stitch & Amanda <3
<3 Amanda GoddessLike's Costume 
SweeSan & Silviana Lim  
Best-Dressed 'Table'  
Best-Dressed for guys ... 
Luck-Draw Winner ... 
her Bf & KahMun 
Angeline Ng & Chency
the Couple i've mentioned ...  
She said she will date me if i'm a guy ... Claudine 

Photo from the event's photographer ...
Spot me posing so handsomely ...  
Mr. Frankie socializing ...  
Mr. Frankie doing serious stuff ...  

This is a rare occasion that you could see me as Mr. Frankie (you might find me like a ah kua because of my short :D) so cherish it ... :D
Next year, i wanna be GoddessLike ! hehe 

Have A Nice Weekend ... ❤


Nicole Sim said...

Lucky you who won iPad mini!!! :D

Man, I wish you were real Mr Frankie. HAHAHAHA

Jean said...

nice, get to see how is the party.. i didn't join cox lazy to dress up. lol

MissUnstoppable said...

Hey handsome ! hehe