Sunday, November 24, 2013

[REVIEW] skin79 CC Cream from HiSHOP ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

Forgive me for not doing this blog post on time >...< 
I bet every girls (or maybe metrosexual and guys) heard about CC Cream right ?' But do you know what it does ?' I heard of CC Cream before i got this product because CC Cream hit the market as an augment of BB Cream (i assumed everyone know BB) and apparently i'm using BB Cream so i need to update myself (to avoid being ignorant when the topic switch to CC) ... 

CC Cream known as :-
- Color Control or Color Correcting 
- with better skincare properties (such as whitening, wrinkle improvement and etc.)
- aimed at evening out skin tones, lightening redness on the face, illuminating complexion. 
- lighter texture than BB Cream, allows less oily finish.

After introducing what is CC Cream, have you heard of skin79 ?'
It is a brand based on Korea and my very first BB Cream on earth is from them as well ... 
I bet almost every girls know about skin79 as they are quite famous in BB Cream. In order to keep themselves on track, they came out with CC Cream and thanks HiSHOP for giving me this opportunity to try it out and carrying out this blog review for you. 

I have to tell you how efficient & excellent is their delivery service ! 
I received the parcel on the freaking next day (morning) after i got the email from the P-I-C saying that they have sent the parcel and expect it will reach to us in the next 2 days. I'm so excited when i received the parcel but still keep it in my bag til i got home to avoid somehow spoiled the product >...< When i un-boxed it, there you come the pink HiSHOP's box and later product which wrap in the bubble wrapping to avoid the product's boxing being misshaped. I LOVE IT because some brand just bothered about saving cost by sending products in plastic wrapping and when it reached to us, basically it is (completely) misshaped. Some worse because of product's leakage. =...= BUT NO WORRY WHEN YOU SHOP WITH HiSHOP ... 

Product - skin79 Color Correcting Cream :-
 Verify your product by entering the code (scrape off the gray color to get the code) into the designated place in the website ...

Texture :-
No shine ...

Before-and-After :-
Even out the skin tone ...

My opinion toward the product :-
- smell sun-block-like 
- a bit sticky/thick for me 
- not easy to spread 
- coverage medium to high 
- not advisable to apply BB Cream/foundation after CC Cream (too much and clog pores/red patches) 
- not recommended for sensitive skin 
- convenient pumping head 

Once again, thank you HiSHOP for the product ... 

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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