Friday, November 1, 2013

The Halloween's Costumes I Like (from Internet) ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

How was your Halloween ?' I know it fall on Thursday but fortunately it is on Thursday instead of Tuesday !' Don't you think so ?' How is your Fly-day (Friday) so far ?' Mine is normal ?' Shit(s) still happened but of course good thing(s) do happened as well if you are optimistic enough ! SHIT(S) ALWAYS HAPPENED and all i/we can do is just take the challenge with smile (or maybe no smile but ...) and try your best ! MORE CHALLENGES are ahead of me/us !' 

Joined the Allianz Halloween Bloggers Party (last night) and i dressed up as a ... 
I'm really impressed with those who really dressed up (GOOD JOB !) like a bride ?' Zombie ?' and more. I go for the very easy one (makeup) because i don't want to spent HOURS to do my makeup (my normal makeup already took me hours) and come home exhausted but still need to take TIME to remove the makeup >...< ! For who done that ... *salute*  Gonna share some of my favorite Halloween idea/costume (from internet) before my own Halloween party so do stay tuned yea ... :) 

(the first picca) Below is successful SUMO in Japan but he is a westerner and he's leaded thousand of peoples (in Japan) to 'launch' a zombie attack at Tokyo street (if i didn't mistaken) ! I really fancy this idea ... Some brands should collaborated and throw this kind of party in Kuala Lumpur/Malaysia (maybe next year) and i'm sure it will be so much fun than just a usual party in the club(s) or else ! 
the Sumo ...

I always have a thing toward lovey dovey couple ! It is like if anyone (or maybe any slut) trying to split them up then i will be the first one to protest for them and trying to keep them together, wtf. xD So couple(s) dressed up for Halloween are so cool especially their costumes do matched each other ! Aww >...< I've mentioned that i saw one couple who dressed up in Halloween costume at the #GSCHorrorFest and they ignored me when i trying to snap picca of theirs right ?' xD They were at the Allianz Halloween Party ! The couple on the picca below is actually granny and granpa if you managed to see that ... Aww >...< SO CUTE !!! *Thumb up* for their costumes !

Guys should try to emulate girl's character in Halloween ! Definitely no one will accuse you for being a pervert ! I didn't see any guys with girl's character costumes so far ... Guys always trying to look cool (with a spooky mask on) and the most bearable for them i think is to act cute ! xDD I see Stitch yesterday (i did take a picca with him, stay tuned) ! Next year ... 

Miley Cyrus did strike my mind when i'm thinking about my Halloween's costumes !
Quite easy right ?' But the thing is, i have no idea where to get the outfit and my butt and thighs are not presentable enough :( Anyways, someone did it and i think they will be new character coming out for us to mimic ! XD

This is so cool ! With the podka dots dog !
Hmm ... The dog dressed up as well ?' Oh :O

I have no idea what character is this but i think it is connected with fairy something right ?' And she looked Goddess-like ! So pretty ~~~ One of my friend dressed up as Greek Goddess (if i didn't mistaken lah >...<) and she looked so gorgeous man ! Next year i also wanna be Goddess-like >...<

Have A Nice Day ... ❤ 

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