Tuesday, November 5, 2013

You Are Beautiful the Way You Are resources from Lipstiq.com ... ❤

Howdy guys ... :) 

It is public holiday(s) but like usual i ended up staying in da house doing nonsense?!' lol
I think i will considered it as quite productive holidays because i've finally finished the #ChainLetter and it is totally recommended for those who hate boring books/novellas ! I never wanted to go to bed when it hit the midnight while it's still not come to the end of it yet ... But i have to warn you that it will run you bloods cold !

I finished the #ChainLetter and it left me emptiness for today so i go online and dunk into some interesting articles and i CAME INTO this ...

Article Link: http://www.lipstiq.com/2013/04/19/dove-beauty-campaign-captures-unseen-beauty-in-women/

I'm really impressed with who (DOVE) came out of the idea ! I watched the video and it is quite mushy in the end though (the short blonde hair lady with blue eyes one) ... There are girls/ladies/women out there always complained how flat is her nose, how narrow is their eyes, how widen is the mouth when she smile and etc. and i'm pretty sure all of us have came across few ! I think all of us - girls/ladies/women should take the test but i'm afraid that i might be the opposite ! hahaha I always think that i'm pretty enough even though not the goddess-like (but close, maybe?' hahahha)

I always thought i have a pair big eyes ...
But no one really tell me that and somehow some peoples told me that i have a pair of narrow eyes, wtf.
My nose is a little short and wide at the tip (someone told me that) but i think it is just fine and it suits me a lot, wtf. :P I decided not to carry on with other features because i keep self-praising man >...< Overall, i think i look not bad, not ugly nor goddess-like :P But i doubt whether peoples think the same ... (but i don't really care, hahahah) You know what you are !

How To Accept Your 'Flaws' Confidently 
Article Link: http://www.lipstiq.com/2013/03/06/natural-beauty-how-to-accept-your-flaws-confidently/

8 Simple Ways to Love Your Body 
Article Link: http://www.lipstiq.com/2013/04/08/8-simple-ways-to-love-your-body/

Opinion: I'm Fat and Happy, And It's None of Your Business 
Article Link: http://www.lipstiq.com/2013/03/08/opinion-im-fat-and-happy-and-its-none-of-your-business/

For me, CONFIDENT is everything ...

I tell you what ?' In secondary high-school, my classmates used to call me "Elephant" (I'm always having the same figures/body shape like i'm having now, never really lost some weight or expand extensively) !
How they came out with the addressing ?' There was once, i crossed my legs and joined their chattering and someone spot my calf which i placed it on my kneecap (so it actually being flattened) and obviously it will be big but not as big as an elephant's calf ! They are lucky that i haven't see a real ELEPHANT at that moments if not i would have either say they are blind or simply 'self-destructing' >...< This is how the thing worked and it hurts ! So watch your words ... 

No matter what a girl/lady/woman looks like ...
It really none of your concerns except you are paying to fix it ! That's all.

There is one sentence in those articles that i think it should be preach by us, all of us.
"Everyone's made differently." 
We don't want identical or even close to identical stuffs especially when it come to human beings ! Of course there will be 'thick' peoples around, if not what gonna differentiate thin peoples from the 'thick' one and what make you become one of the Victoria Secret's models ?' Thin peoples should appreciate that and not trying to mock them, at all.

For me, i'm really envy at those who eats shit lots but never get a pounds on, sometimes ...
But i'm still blessed that i'm in normal state so that i HAVE TO (learn to) take care/control on my diets/meals ! Anyways, my mum is those kind all of us envy at (she never really gained weight) BUT she always complained about it and feeling anguish about it, sometimes which made her bad-tempered. I know i'm fat for the modelling but i'm also aware that in fact i'm not really that fat like obese (i can have boobs, curvy waist and butt :P) ! But i also notice that i will be better looking if i shed a tad of weight :D Take your time to be with a real thin model/person and you will end up happy for what you having now, hahahhah (it is TRUE though) ... Being thin/too thin will never do you good !

But that doesn't mean we should discriminating the THIN one ...
They might/are suffering from it as well ...

Have A Nice Day ... ❤

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